WTFN series for sale in Canada


WTFN titles were sold to four Canadian broadcasters through the company’s distribution arm, Fred Media.

Hayu’s reality-based SVOD service acquired seasons one and two of Nine Emergency (20 x 60) and three seasons of Paramedics (30×60).

Quebecor Content is licensed Space invaders (10 x 60) for his lifestyle channel Casa and Travel with the Bondi vet (13 x 30) for the Escape travel and adventure. Space invaders was recently returned to service by Nine Network while Travel with the Bondi vet follows Dr. Chris Brown on a series of wilderness adventures.

Bell Media has acquired Mega zoo (10 x 60) which takes place behind the scenes at Zoos Victoria, the largest zoo in the southern hemisphere.

Finally, TLN TV acquired a 38-hour feed-focused package from Fred Media’s Home made catalog: All the Pizza (7×30), Patrimony (7×30), Frankie’s world (5×30), Wrestling meal (4 series: 45 x 30), Source (8×30) and Recipe for love (4×30).

Zoe Allen, Fred Media Sales Director for the Americas, said: “There are a lot of synergies between Canada and Australia so I’m really excited to see a number of our great home produced shows such as than Space Invaders, Emergency, Paramedics and Mega zoo find great new homes in the country. Hopefully they will be as well received by viewers here as they were in Australia. I am also delighted to have secured a first contract for Fred Media with TLN. With its unique range of culinary and lifestyle content and our specialty in these genres, including our wide range of Home made titles, I hope this agreement will be the start of a wonderful new partnership.


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