Will there be another Godzilla movie? 2021 updates and everything we know so far


Like James Bond, Batman, and Spider-Man, Godzilla is one of those characters that the cinema can never let rest in peace – and to be perfectly honest, we don’t want to. Over the decades, the gargantuan lizard has probably wreaked more havoc than the Death Star on a good day. It smashed movie screens for the first time in 1954, a film that continues to bear more legacy to this day than 1998’s Godzilla laid eggs in the ruins of Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden.

Now legendary images’ MonsterVerse is the only truly mainstream film series that features the King himself, which includes 2014 Godzilla, 2017 Kong: Skull Island, 2018 Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong. Gareth Edwards Godzilla the reboot – which kicked off the shared monster universe – was largely a grounded reboot of that original 1954 film, continuing its anti-nuclear themes. In fact, he even acknowledges the 1954 film, both through an opening cut-out and when Monarch reveals that Godzilla was a problem at the time as well.

Kong: Skull Island, on the other hand, didn’t look like a reboot from a previous one Kong films at all, instead of forging its own path by abandoning the traditional idea of King Kong, in exchange for one that would serve the inevitable showdown better – while still being slightly pretentious in the process. Where Gareth Edwards’ movie ran out of screen time for the titular lizard, Godzilla: King of the Monsters took those comments a bit too far, offering up more Titans than our eyeballs perhaps could process, reminiscent of all of Godzilla’s enemies – and allies – of old.

new godzilla movie

Then we come to the fourth movie in the franchise – Godzilla vs. Kong. While the revenge of the century certainly justified the existence of popcorn, it was, without a doubt, unforgivable on the IQ scale. Nonetheless, the court seat tickets for the royal rumble sold like hot cakes and were even a hit on streaming services. Does this mean that we will have another installment in the MonsterVerset? Or did this series burn down, having prematurely reached the highly anticipated crossover event at just four films? Well, it all depends on what we define as a sequel.

If it’s a Godzilla movie you’re looking for, so let’s use echolocation technology and find out where the prehistoric god is heading next…

Will there be a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong?

new godzilla movie

Godzilla vs. Kong is the fourth part of the MonsterVerset, and as you can guess from the title, requires very little explanation. Nonetheless, the monster hunting organization Monarch has built a giant dome around Skull Island so that they can protect Kong from Godzilla, who, now seemingly rogue, can “detect” other Titans and hunt them down. Based on the “hollow earth theory” implemented in Kong: Skull Island, Monarch decides to take Kong to the center of the earth aboard a “Hollow Earth Aircraft Vehicle”, so that he can lead them to a power source, with which they hope to defeat Godzilla.

The film was initially delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and eventually aired simultaneously in both theaters and on HBO Max. Surprisingly, critics were generally impressed with the film, as it delivers exactly what it says on the tin. However, they also quickly pointed out its paper-thin characters – an issue that tends to plague great monster movies in general, with no movie in this series being an exception. Godzilla vs. Kong grossed over $ 467.8 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of that year. So, is there a straight on the cards?

The producers have made no secret that the success of each film in the MonsterVerset will determine if a next one will take place. “Every piece has to be as good as possible,” Legendary Pictures producer Alex Garcia said. Kong: Skull Island Director Adam Wingard also said, “I know where we could potentially go with future films,” but later added, “It’s really to the point where audiences kind of have to come forward and vote for more. those things. If this movie is a success, obviously they’ll keep moving forward. ”Well, we’re voting Godzilla.

Writer Max Borenstein also said there were “interesting payouts” on the horizon, following the success of Godzilla vs. Kong. He hinted at the possibility of future projects having no human character, which would involve the complete anthropomorphization of the Titans. They might as well go the distance, given that Godzilla actually laughs in the latest installment. So the writing may be on the wall, but the only future confirmed MonsterVerset is a canonical animated series that will focus on Skull Island, while Son of Kong is the rumor live Kong: Skull Island to follow.

Will there be another Godzilla movie?

new godzilla movie

Will there be another Godzilla movie, however? Whether it is a MonsterVerse Or a brand new reboot, will the beloved – but above all dreaded – prehistoric Titan once again sweep our movie screens (though not literally, as it does in Jamiroquai’s “Deeper Underground” music video)? Well, it’s hard to tell at this point, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t movement in the background. After all, since movies are rich in visual effects, if one is in production, we probably won’t hear about it for a while, as it takes a while to create those amazing computer-animated special effects that we so often accuse us of being “easy”, “lazy” and “cheap”.

What about the original Toho franchise? Believe it or not, but these movies are on the way, with the latest installment, Shin godzilla, only released in 2016. Even after that live-action movie, Toho released a trilogy of Godzilla animated films: Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Godzilla: the city on the brink of battle, and Godzilla: The Planet Eater. As for a sequel to Shin godzilla, this was excluded by Toho, as they are now focused on creating their own version of the MonsterVerset.

With all this Godzilla talk, it wouldn’t be good not to talk about Godzilla (1998). Roland Emmerich’s New York disaster movie gets a very bad rap from critics and fans alike, largely because the titular beast is not the “traditional” Godzilla (as it is an iguana. radioactive marine and not of a prehistoric vestige). But there’s no denying that Godzilla’s tyrannosaur-type design in the film is awesome, and his ability to spawn hundreds of offspring in a hidden location in town, each of whom, like Godzilla, will be born pregnant, really lends itself to the lore. critical plot of the film.

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The film continues these anti-nuclear themes as well, while still offering plenty of action and wielding that flashy ’90s charm, albeit it’s very cheesy at times. So what happened to the sequels? Well, it was revealed a long time ago that an entire trilogy was planned, but once the numbers were worked out on the 1998 film, it never saw the light of day. Instead, a canonical animated series continued the story, picking up where the film left off – the “last egg” under Madison Square Garden. However, this new Godzilla has become a hero, defending New York City against iconic radioactive monsters – and some entirely original.

godzilla 1998

Having said that, it is obvious that the whole MonsterVerse was created primarily to build towards the climax Godzilla vs. Kong – and he definitely delivered, even if he neglects all logic in doing so. But then is there any other way to achieve such a cross event? Probably not. However, looking back on the Gareth Edwards film in 2014, while full of its own issues – much of the characterization and pacing – it’s a shame to see that the franchise has already grown. Fast Furious by the fourth film. Come to think of it, that would make a pretty good crossover movie on its own.

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