Why are fans so excited about its premiere? What is the buzz about?



Riverdance: The Animated Adventure is a computer animated fantasy film based on the dance show Riverdance. Aniventure and River Productions hired Cinesite to make the film. John Kavanagh, Brosnan, Irish actress Aisling Bea, Gleeson and Pauline McLynn star in the film, which also incorporates songs from Bill Whelan, who wrote the legendary soundtrack to Riverdance’s first performance in the 1990s.

Why are fans so excited about its premiere?

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Riverdance is currently in its 25th year and is known for its Irish dancing, including its Grammy-winning creative music. Riverdance: The Animated Adventure Director Dave Rosenbaum comments: “It is because of this transcendent pleasure that Riverdance is such a rare and fascinating subject for a feature film.”

The film describes the essence of magic in song and dance in very different ways. It exemplifies the heritage, natural beauty and culture of Ireland. And he delivers to the stage a unique universe filled with laughter and emotions which was created in their thoughts ”.

This project has been a passion project for many. They absolutely can’t wait for the whole world to witness this incredible adventure in the mystical land of the powerful mega-dance technique!

What is the story about?

“Riverdance: The Animated Adventure” would premiere on the Netflix service on January 14, 2022, and follows a little boy named Keegan as he struggles to rediscover his passion for Irish dancing following the disappearance of his grandfather (performed by Pierce Brosnan).

Shortly after the death of his grandfather, Keegan and his Spanish companion Moya begin the journey into the human world of the classic mythology of Megaloceros Giganteus, where they learn about the supernatural events of Riverdance and the challenges presented by the Huntsman (performed by Brendan Gleeson) from a herd of Mystic Elk. , as well as the animated cover version of Michael Flatley.

Where to look

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Sky Cinema released Riverdance: The Animated Adventure in the UK on May 28, 2021. The film will be available on Netflix from January 14, 2022. With any Netflix subscription, you can watch an animated film on Netflix.

To see or not

It was once presented at an Irish event in the 1990s, and it has grown into the most incredible theatrical production there is. After the concert, which became a worldwide success, Jean Butler and Micheal Flatly became unexpected celebrities.

Riverdance With mythical enchanting realms adorned with deer creatures who are said to be the inventors of the magical play to make the streams flow, the animated film has captivated hearts. It was a synthesis of folk and tradition. The fact that the original performer was involved added to the appeal of the film.

We seriously encourage anyone who enjoys Riverdance to watch this movie. With the help of 2 people who joined everything live in front of a fascinated crowd in 1994, he has become a key part of our society, our heritage and our myths. This film allows us to let our thoughts run free in order to keep the gloom at bay. It is a great complement to the genre.



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