Who is the woman behind Misty Rose in ‘Alter Ego’? This is what we know


Alter ego premieres on Fox on September 22, and viewers are thrilled to meet the contestants behind the animated characters who are competing for a grand prize of $ 100,000. The reality TV series is hosted by Cannonball host Rocsi Diaz, who joins hosts Alanis Morissette, Grimes, will.i.am and Nick Lachey for a one-of-a-kind singing competition that uses cutting-edge technology to help contestants conceal their identities.

Contestants competing for the title of the next digital superstar include Queen Dynamine, Dipper Scott and Misty Rose, the self-proclaimed pop princess who hopes to steal the show in the series premiere of Alter ego. But who is the woman behind the computer generated avatar? Meet Alter ego‘s Misty Rose, aka Samaera Hirsch.

Meet Samaera Hirsch, contestant of “Alter Ego” aka Misty Rose.

In the two-episode premiere of the series, viewers are introduced to Misty Rose, who is actually a 21-year-old college student named Samaera Hirsch. According to her social media, Samaera is currently a student at Tulane University in Louisiana, but she is from Long Island, NY.

Samaera has already said News day that he was offered the opportunity to join the cast of Alter ego after auditioning for The voice. “One of the people from the casting company, I think I kind of resonated with him,” the singer explained.

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Samaera added, “And he remembered me and contacted me personally a few months after I auditioned and said, ‘Hey, I have an opportunity. I think you would be perfect for that. Let me know if you want to know more. ‘ And I was like, ‘Ooh, that sounds interesting.’ “

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In his interview with News day, Samaera also offered inside information about what goes on behind the scenes of the game show. Samaera shared that she and her fellow competitors had “a little bit of input” when it came to choosing their avatars, but ultimately the end product was left to the showrunners.

Samaera explained, “They asked me, ‘What would you want your alter ego to be? And I said on the spot, ‘Space-cowgirl energy.’ And they did their best to imitate that. They tweaked some things, like I thought something was wrong, I was like, ‘Can we maybe fix this a bit?’ “

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Alter Ego Misty Rose Samaera Hirsch

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In the series, Sameara takes on 20 other contestants, and it looks like they could give her some bang for her buck (the pun was definitely meant). But how Alter ego job?

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