Who is Olivier Rioux, height, age, shoe size, 228cm, 7 feet 5 to 15 years old, NBA outlook


Basketball is widely regarded as a sport for the taller people among us, and one Canadian teenager only reinforced that notion.

Olivier Rioux, 15, is 7 feet and five inches (228 centimeters) tall and holds the Guinness World Record for tallest teenager in the world.

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Rioux, who plays as a center for the IMG Academy, seems to be making his way through hardwood as he continues to evolve.

Tue 30 Nov

Tuesday, November 30

A viral video on the Canadian’s Instagram shows the almost unfair advantages of being so tall at a young age over its competition.

In the clip, Rioux barely needs to get up with his tiptoes to perform a slam dunk and requires little effort to outsmart his opponents when he calls for a rebound.

Fans on social media couldn’t believe what they were seeing in front of their eyes, with a number of them noting how Rioux was practically destined for an NBA career while others pointed out how much the teenager was showing off the ball.

One user commented, “Good movement for someone 7 feet 5 inches tall. linked to the NBA! “

Another wrote: “The ball looks tiny.”

One user posted: “It makes the ball look like a damn baseball.”

One bettor said: “He’s actually tall, brother too has a free pass to the NBA if he practices.”

As the old saying goes, the apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to its family, either.

The Rioux clan has a serious height: her father and brother are both over 6 feet and eight inches tall and her mother is 6 feet and one inch tall.

Surprisingly, doctors never predicted Rioux would achieve a world record.

According to Guinness World Records, Rioux was born with a weight of 3.4 kg before increasing to 7.26 kg in his first month.

In fifth year, the Canadian was 5 feet and two inches. Doctors believed Rioux would peak at 6 feet and five inches in height, but he completely exceeded expectations.

With the family at crazy heights, the Rioux family home has been remodeled to meet their needs, which means ceilings and table tops suit them better.

No doubt the sports world will keep an eye on Rioux as he grows in age and, worryingly for his future opponents, in size.


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