Where you’ve seen the cast of Virgin River before


Although he only appeared in flashbacks to (all three seasons of) “Virgin River,” Mark Monroe is one of the most important characters in the series. How? ‘Or’ What? Her marriage to Mel, and her subsequent death in an accident for which she took responsibility, motivated her to leave Los Angeles in search of a new life. This trip brought her to Virgin River and basically kicked off the main storyline of the series.

Actor Daniel Gillies has played the recurring role of Mark in “Virgin River” since its first season. The actor, born in Canada to New Zealand parents, is a familiar face to viewers thanks to his lead roles in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”, as well as in the Canadian medical series “Saving Hope” and photos guests on “True Blood”, “Masters of Horror” and “SEAL Team”.

Gillies – who was married to actress Rachael Leigh Cook until 2021 – has also recorded time in several feature films. These include an appearance as John Jameson – known to Marvel readers as Man-Wolf, the Stargod, and Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk’s husband – in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 2” and “Bride and Prejudice” alongside Martin Henderson. Most recently, he starred in the New Zealand thriller “Coming Home”.


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