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The past two years have been difficult for the film industry, thanks to a certain global pandemic. However, despite multiple delays, trials, and tribulations, there are quite a few movies releasing this year.

And let us tell you, some of the movies slated for release this year are just awesome! From highly anticipated sequels to animated comedies to blockbuster action films; we guarantee you will visit your local cinema a lot in 2022!

Here are the best upcoming movies, all released in Australia this year, that you absolutely must check out.

alley of nightmares

Image Credit: Projector Images

With a cast of stars, alley of nightmares is an upcoming crime drama, directed by Guillermo del Toro, that seems like a neo-noir dream, or rather a nightmare; fully intended pun. Starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, the film looks deliciously exciting and hits Australian cinemas on January 20.

Death on the Nile

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

Death on the Nile, the sequel to the 2017 film, Murder on the Orient Express and is based on the 1937 book of the same name by legendary author Agatha Christie. Directed by and starring Kenneth Branaugh, actors Gal Gadot, Armie Hammer, Tom Bateman, Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Rose Leslie, Ali Fazal, Emma Mackey and Letitia Wright, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders also star in the film. Death on the Nile will be released on February 11.


Image credit: Sony Pictures

Fans of the hugely popular Unexplored video games rejoiced when it was announced that a movie based on the games would soon grace our cinema screens. The film will act as a prequel to the games and tell the story of how a young Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland, first meets his sidekick Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg, as they embark on a dangerous quest to search for the lost treasure. of El Dorado. Unexplored will be released in Australian theaters on February 17.

The Batman

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Yes, another Batman reboot; this time with Robert Pattinson as the crime-fighting vigilante. The Batman will not be an origin story but will follow Bruce Wayne in his second year as Batman as he pursues serial killer, The Riddler. Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell also star in the film, which will be released on March 4.

Operation Fortune: Cunning War

Image credit: Miramax

Directed and written by Guy Ritchie, Operation Fortune: Cunning War is a spy action comedy starring Jason Statham as super spy Orson Fortune. The premise of the film is that Fortune recruits Hollywood’s biggest movie star for an undercover mission. Operation Fortune: Cunning War also stars Aubrey Plaza, Josh Hartnett, Cary Elwes, Bugzy Malone and Hugh Grant and hits theaters March 18.

The unbearable weight of massive talent

Image credit: Lionsgate

The unbearable weight of massive talent stars Nicholas Cage, who will play a fictionalized version of himself in the action-comedy. The supporting cast includes Pedro Pascal, Sharon Horgan, Ike Barinholtz, Jacob Scipio, Lily Sheen, Neil Patrick Harris and Tiffany Haddish. The unbearable weight of massive talent will be released on April 22.


Image credit: Sony Pictures

The highly anticipated film from Sony Pictures, Morbius has been in the works since 2017 and is the first live-action film adaptation of the pseudo-bloodsucking vampire, Morbius, from the Marvel comics. Starring Jared Leto as the main character along with Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Adria Arjona, Michael Keaton and Tyrese Gibson, Morbius is scheduled for April 1.

High-speed train

Image Credit: AP Images

High-speed train, according to the novel, Maria Beetle, has a stellar cast that includes Brad Pitt, Joey King, Andrew Koji, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz, Masi Oka, Michael Shannon, Logan Lerman, Hiroyuki Sanada, Karen Fukuhara, Bad Bunny and Sandra Bullock. The film is an action-thriller about five assassins who, on a train, carry out their all-interconnected missions, and will be released on April 7.

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The third film of the fantastic beasts franchise – which acts as a prequel to the Harry Potter series – Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets is set in the 1930s and the story will lead to the involvement of the wizarding world in the ‘Muggle’ World War II. Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Ezra Miller, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Callum Turner and Katherine Waterston will reprise their roles, while Mads Mikkelsen is set to replace Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald. Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets hits theaters on April 15.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

The highly anticipated sequel to strange doctor and the 28th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will see Benedict Cumberbatch reprise his role as Stephen Strange. The film will follow the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Loki, and will be a deep dive into the multiverse; a concept frequently explored in Marvel comics. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released on May 6.

Top Gun: Maverick

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

After more than thirty years, the best living test pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, will return to the big screen. The sequel to the hugely popular Superior gun movie, Top Gun: Maverick, will see Cruise and Val Kilmer reprise their roles and follow Maverick as he trains top graduates. Top Gun: Maverick will be released on May 27.

Bob’s Burgers movie information

Image Credit: 20th Century Films

Based on the Emmy Award-winning animated series, Bob’s Burgers movie information will be a musical and will see the original voice of Bob’s Burgers resume their roles. The film will follow Bob and Linda as they struggle to keep their restaurant afloat after a burst water main leaves a huge sinkhole out front, while kids Tina, Gene and Louise try to solve a mystery. Bob’s Burgers movie information hits theaters on May 27.

Jurassic World: Dominion

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

The highly anticipated third installment of jurassic world movies, Jurassic World: Dominion stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Iconic actors Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil and Laura Dern who appeared in the 1993 premiere jurassic park film, will also star in the film reprising their respective roles. The plot of the movie is that humans tend to dinosaurs on the mainland and naturally wreak havoc. Jurassic World: Dominion hits theaters on June 10.

Light year

Image credit: Pixar Studios

With Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, Light year is a computer animated toy story spin off. The film will act as an origin story for Buzz Lightyear, the human who inspired the toy of the same name. Taika Waititi also has a voice role in Light year, which will be released on June 17.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder will be the fourth Thor film and the 29th film overall in the MCU. Following the events of Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, not much about the plot has been revealed other than Jane Foster taking on Thor’s mantle and powers. Taika Waititi is returning to direct and the film will star Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale, Chris Pratt, Jaimie Alexander, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Jeff Goldblum and Vin Diesel. Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.


Image credit: Getty Images

After the success of get out and We, Jordan Peele returns with another horror movie he wrote and directed titled no. There haven’t been many plot details announced no, but the film will star Daniel Kaluuya – who starred in get out —Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. no is sure to shock and terrify viewers when it releases on July 22nd.

black adam

Image credit: IMDb

A superhero film based on the DC comics of the same name, black adam is intended to be part of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). black adam is actually a spin-off of the previous DC movie Shazam! and will focus on Shazam’s nemesis, anti-hero Black Adam, played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The film will be released on July 29.

Mission: Impossible 7

Image Credit: Alamy

The seventh film of the Impossible mission movie series, Mission: Impossible 7 stars Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby and Frederick Schmidt, all reprising their respective roles from previous films. The film will also star Hayley Atwell and Pom Klementieff, both of MCU fame, and Cary Elwes. Mission: Impossible 7 hits theaters on September 30.

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse (Part One)

Image credit: Sony Animation/Marvel

computer animated film Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse (Part One) is the sequel to the Oscar winner Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This time around, Miles Morales/Spider-Man will venture across the multiverse with Gwen Stacy and other Spider-People to battle a powerful villain. The film will be released on October 7.

the flash

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Based on the DC comics of the same name, the flash will see Ezra Miller reprise his role as Justice League like Barry Allen/The Flash. The film, the twelfth in the DCEU, will follow Allen as he travels back in time to save his mother from being murdered. Ben Affleck will appear in the flash, reprising his role as Batman, which premieres November 4.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

A sequel to Black Panther, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be the 30th MCU film. Virtually no plot details were announced; many fans are eager to see what happens, especially considering Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa/Black Panther in the MCU, sadly passed away in 2020, and it’s been announced that the role of T’ Challa will not be recast and will not even appear in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The film will be released in theaters on November 11.

Avatar 2

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios

Avatar 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the Oscar-winning record-breaking film Avatar, released over a decade ago in 2009. James Cameron returned to direct, write and produce the film, which will see Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana reprise their roles from the former Avatar. Avatar 2 will be released on December 16.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The thirteenth film of the DCEU, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is also the sequel to Aquaman. Jason Momoa will reprise his role as Arthur Curry/Aquaman and Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman will also reprise their roles from the former. Aquaman. Few plot details have been announced, but will likely follow the events of Justice League and Aquaman; Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 16.

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