WarnerMedia Access Writers Program Announces Finalists – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: WarnerMedia has finalized participants joining its first Access Writers Program, an initiative to support writers from under-represented communities in the United States (entry level) and Canada (intermediate level).

The two seven-month programs kicked off in July and are in full swing, providing participants with access to in-depth industry knowledge and invaluable exposure to business leaders, creators and industry professionals. established industry, as well as a workshop on how to turn a script into a viable project.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue to support under-represented voices in the United States and Canada through our WarnerMedia Access brand,” said Karen Horne, Senior Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, WarnerMedia. “It gives us the opportunity to work with emerging voices and foster the growth of those who are mid-career.”

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One of the nationally selected 21 writers is Gabriel Vallejo, a Mexican-American screenwriter who uses his childhood experiences amid poverty and gangs in Los Angeles to help the youth of Central Juvenile Hall and the adults of the California state prisons by teaching reflective writing.

“Our program has just started, but even with just a few days, [The CW’s VP of Programming] Steven Tao told us about the television business, ”Vallejo told Deadline. “I’ve learned so much, in particular that not only does writing have to be emphasized, because it’s a complex world with a lot of niceties like learning how to get an agent. I am already enjoying this program just by reading the scripts of my fellow participants. I am blown away by their talent, as well as the diversity within the group. I am truly grateful to be a part of this program and to learn from my peers as well.

Vallejo’s peers include Allyssa Lee, Annie Nishida, Craig T. Williams, Eric Anthony Glover, Eunice Park, Irving Ruan, Kareem Fahmy, Koby Agyeman, Larry Caldwell, Lenny Len & Etan Manasse-Piha, Lisa Sanaye Dring, Malia Dawkins Jennings , Malloy Moseley, Meredith Garcia-Painter, Richard Nguyen & Vinita Mehta, RB Ripley, Sam Oh, Stephen Crooms, Victoria González and Yasmin Almanaseer.

(from left to right) Gabriel Vallejo and JP Larocque
Vanessa Alvarez; Photograph by Barcsay

Writer and television producer JP Larocque, whose most recent credits include work on the Radio-Canada show, represents our neighbors to the North. Coroner, CTV JANN, CBC Diggstown, and Netflix Another life. Larocque, a queer, Indo-Guyanese and French-Canadian writer, seeks to take his career to the next level.

“What attracted me to this program is that as a queer writer of color the opportunities for the types of stories you can tell in the industry are very limited. And what this program has actually done is remove those limitations, ”they revealed. “So instead of having to reduce it to please a few presenters, we can instead focus on the project we are most passionate about in an ideal world that you would like to see come to fruition. They will focus on putting us in touch with experts who will teach us how to get our stories to the right places. It’s incredible. As a marginalized person, I think you are always taught to be creative with limits, and this program eliminates that and creates opportunities for us to tell important stories.

The Larocque cohorts are Andrew Burrows-Trotman, Berend McKenzie, Christine Rodriguez, Corey Payette, Faisal Lutchmedial, Gaurav Seth, Jay Cardinal Villeneuve, Jessica Meya, Mayumi Yoshida, Michael Hanley, Mona Zaidi, Murry Peeters, Nile Seguin, Ryan Cooper, Shakil Jessa, Stéphane Moukarzel and Vivian Lin.


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