‘Warming Up to You’: 5 Things You Need to Know About the Hallmark Romantic Comedy


Hallmark’s upcoming romantic drama “Warming Up to You” tells the story of a personal trainer who forms a bond with his client. The movie seems to have a heavy dose of romance, passion, and fitness.

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When is ‘Warming Up to You’ coming out and where can you watch it?

“Warming Up to You” will premiere Saturday, May 7 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel.

What is “Warming Up to You” all about?

Hallmark’s official synopsis for the film reads, “Kate (Busby) is a fitness instructor who leaves Los Angeles to work at her best friend’s wellness retreat. To her surprise, the star actor Rick (Russell) is assigned by the studio to come train with her to prepare for his new feature film.Not only do the duo make an athletic breakthrough, but they also break through personal walls and find an unexpected friendship that is set in motion. danger when Rick’s co-star Liza (Caitlin Stryker, “A Million Little Things”) is also sent to train with Kate”

Who stars in “Warming Up to You”?

Cindy Busby

For nearly two decades, Cindy Busby has been making waves in the television and film industries. As a child, Busby always dreamed of becoming an actor. She started chasing after college, landing the lead role of Ashley Stanton in nearly 50 episodes of the hit series “Heartland.” The show immediately became one of the most popular Canadian shows of all time, as well as being syndicated in 81 countries and one of Netflix’s top picks.

Christopher Russell, Latonya Williams, Dolores Drake and Devon Alexander make up the rest of the cast.

Who are the showrunners?

“Warming Up to You” is from Johnson Production Group. Executive producers include Timothy O. Johnson and Dawn Wolfrom while Joseph Wilka serves as the film’s co-executive producer. Navid Soofi is the producer of the film. Christie Will directed the film, based on a screenplay by Steven Kent and Pamela Rice with a screenplay by W. Stewart.


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