VIDEO: They create a faithful miniature replica of the “Simpsons” television which also transmits its chapters


Brandon Withrow, a user of the Reddit social network under the pseudonym buba447, created a miniature copy of the iconic purple television that adorns the living room of the Simpson family in the animated series. This small, palm-sized artifact was made using a 3D printer and is able to convey chapters of the popular program.

According to invoice Withrow, drew the three-dimensional model of the TV using Fusion 360 software, which he then materialized with a professional Ender 3 Pro printer. Inside the case is a single board computer called Raspberry pie, connected to a 640 × 480 pixel TFT screen. It integrates a speaker and a 32 GB SD card which houses all the episodes of the first 11 seasons, which are played in random order each time the TV is turned on.

The device does not require internet connection and it is powered by a wired USB input. Its two front buttons control power and volume respectively.

While this curious project is not for sale, its creator has promised that in the next few days he will be releasing an instruction guide for anyone looking to make their own assembly at home.

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