Vancouver has actually seen more snow than Calgary so far this winter


Here’s something we didn’t expect to write. Since the beginning of December, not only has Vancouver seen more snow than Calgary, but it’s almost double! Maybe we should start a jacket swap between the two cities – Calgary can get windbreakers and Vancouver can get down jackets. It’s a solution, isn’t it?

According to weather data from Environment Canada, from December 1 until today, Vancouver has experienced a very high height of 51.8 cm. December was a doozy, receiving some 14 inches as it was battered by snowstorms. But January has also come to play, dropping 16.1cm so far this month.

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Calgary, on the other hand, received only 25.5 cm of snowfall in December, and just 3.3 cm so far in January. With a total snowfall of just 28.8cm, Calgary has seen only about 55% of Vancouver’s snowfall this winter. And even though we still have a few months to go, we can’t help but wonder if the city will even catch up!

So yes, both cities are going to have to think twice about their “winter experience” at least this year. After all, when was the last time we had better luck sledding on the West Coast than at the foot of the Rocky Mountains? We seriously don’t remember.


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