Transplant season 2 will not be released on NBC in November 2021


We’re still waiting to see the sequel for Bash, Mags, June, and Theo. Transplantation Season 2 is underway, but the wait for the season continues.

Transplantation Season 2 is not on NBC’s release list for November 2021. If we’re being honest, we didn’t expect it to be, but that hasn’t stopped us from checking things out. After all, the first season arrived in September 2020, so wouldn’t it make sense for the second season to arrive a year later?

The problem is Transplantation is not an NBC series. NBC acquired the show from Canada and it first airs on CTV in Canada. The season will also not arrive at CTV in Canada in November 2021.

Transplant Season 2 premiere date predictions

In fact, we don’t wait until 2022 for the season. As for NBC’s release, we don’t expect it until summer 2022. US networks typically keep acquisitions for summer programming, when ratings in. direct are usually naturally lower and when lower cost programming is required. Acquisitions are much cheaper than original programming.

The season is still filming. In June 2021, Laurence Leboeuf shared on Facebook that she was back in scrubs and that season 2 would be on the way “soon”. How soon is “soon?” “

It looks like winter 2022 at the earliest for Transplantation Season 2 on CTV. January or February would make sense. This is when many great Canadian shows end up airing, as the fall schedule doesn’t work quite the same north of the border. It will depend on how long it takes to film the episodes and put them into post-production.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the Canadian release date. If it arrives in early 2022, we should hear from it in late November or early December.

Transplantation Season 2 is slated to air in 2022. Catch up on the recent season on Crave in Canada and on in the United States


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