Tidey clock with animated real-time display of local tides


Whether you’re a surfer, sailor or just a beach lover, it’s important to know the current tide cycle at your favorite beach. And while the apps do providing this information, the Tidey Tide Clock does so in a way that is allegedly much easier to understand.

Invented by British swimmer, surfer and product designer Gareth James, Tidey uses a home’s Wi-Fi network to access an online database of over 1,000 beaches located around the world. When users first set up the device, they use a smartphone or computer to choose their beach (or at least the closest one) from this list, organized by country.

From then on, Tidey’s color animated screen continuously displays both the height and direction of the tide at that location – it is claimed to be accurate to within 10 milliseconds. If the user moves or simply decides they prefer another range from the list, they can change their range selection via an online configuration page.

Focus on the construction of Tidey


The device itself is made mostly of 100% recycled cardstock, along with a biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid) bioplastic screen. At the end of its life cycle, the assembly can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling and reuse of its parts. In addition, in order to save energy, it automatically enters low-light standby mode at night.

If you’re interested, Tidey is currently under Kickstarter Campaign. Assuming it makes it to production, a pledge of £80 (around US$107) will net you one. This price includes a year’s data subscription, after which you’ll have to pay £4.99 (US$7) per year.

There is more information in the following video.

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