Thousands of people pack the convention center for the return of Winnipeg Comiccon


It may be Halloween, but thousands of people in costume swarmed the RBC Convention Center this weekend for another reason: the return of the Winnipeg Comiccon.

After two years of delays related to the pandemic, more than 14,000 people attended the three-day event downtown.

The scale of the event may cause people some anxiety, but programming director Cliff Corporale envisioned it even bigger.

“It’s not as big as we would have liked… A lot of people might not want to come. Travel restrictions at the border make it difficult to get all the guests we want, but in the together I think it worked out pretty well, ”he told CBC News on Sunday.

According to the corporal, people were happy to be there.

Comiccon’s programming director Cliff Corporale said he envisions the Winnipeg event bigger, but pandemic-related restrictions have forced them to scale back. (Travis Golby / CBC)

“I see a lot of happy faces. I can see eyes, because the masks cover [their mouths],” he said.

Eric Simpson drove his Chevy Impala – an accurate replica of the longtime TV show Supernatural – from Texas, where it was being restored for the past nine months, to be presented at Winnipeg Comiccon.

He says he’s happy to get it back, just in time for the event.

“No matter where I drive, people always turn their heads and smile, or honk or wave at me. They know the car. It’s a really big icon, and they love to see it on the road,” he said. declared.

Then Simpson will bring him back to Ottawa, where he lives, for Comiccon there.

A group of Ghostbusters enthusiasts took part in the Winnipeg Comiccon on Sunday. (Travis Golby / CBC)

Jason Doerksen disguised himself as James Hobson The Hacksmith, a former engineer and current YouTube video maker known for his Hacksmith Industries channel, during his very first Comiccon.

Doerksen was there to get celebrity autographs, buy a few things, and just soak up the culture.

“It’s just amazing,” he said. “There is so much culture and interesting people to see.”

About 14,000 people attended the Winnipeg Comiccon over three days, many of whom wore costumes, including these two visitors. (Travis Golby / CBC)

The guest of honor was Billy Boyd, who played Peregrin “Pippin” Took in the the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Laurie Holden from The walking dead and The shield was also there with Billy West – a voice actor from Futurama, Ren and Stimpy and Doug – and John De Lancie from Star Trek.

“It hits all types of crowds so we can bring in a variety of people,” the corporal said.

This year’s Comiccon may have been downsized, but the Corporal is already planning a bigger and better event next year.

“If things go well … we could go over 20,000 [visitors], maybe over 30,000 depending on how it goes, ”he said.

“I think people are hungry for these kinds of events and we can see it in people’s eyes.”


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