The highlight week of the CFL season doesn’t translate to TV; league posts worst average ratings of 2022 season

Photo courtesy: BC Lions/David Friederich

The Canadian Football League climbed in two opposite ways in Week 19.

It was the highest scoring week of the 2022 season on the pitch, but the downward spike came on television, with the league posting its lowest average ratings so far this year.

After the Blue Jays were swept from the Major League Baseball playoffs by the Mariners the previous weekend, an ideal scenario was set up for the CFL to thrive on television, but it was far from complete. be the case. Yes, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the league’s best three-try draw, were byes. However, in the first two weeks the Riders were out earlier in the season, the numbers didn’t drop as much.

The Tiger-Cats’ dramatic 35-32 victory over the Stampeders was very entertaining, even if it didn’t translate to a lot of average TV numbers. Late matches in Friday Night Football doubleheaders can be hit or miss in terms of viewership, especially with kickoff at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. It was somewhat surprising that Rider Nation was unaware of the implications of the playoffs for their beloved green and white.

Blue Bombers fans were intrigued to see Dru Brown make his first CFL start. Brown completed 28 of 39 passes (71.8%) for 325 yards with three touchdowns, but his two interceptions were both returned for the majors. Without these mistakes, the 25-year-old would have recorded a win. Overall, he showed great potential as a CFL sniper and his thrilling performance helped record the highest-rated three-try game on television of the week.

The NHL is back on the ice and offering increased competition. The Canadiens were playing alongside the Alouettes on Friday night, as were the Maple Leafs and Argonauts on Saturday night. Montreal lost 3-0 to the Detroit Red Wings, which were seen by 200,000 people on TSN2, while the first games of Hockey Night in Canada drew 1,472,600 viewers on Sportsnet channels and the late slate was averaged 919,800 viewers from coast to coast.

Thursday Night Football between the Washington Commanders and Chicago Bears on TSN and CTV2 reached 676,200, while Auston Matthews leading the Leafs to a 3-2 win over the Capitals had 690,500 on TSN that same night.

The NFL kickoff at 1 p.m. Sunday saw 276,400 viewers on CTV, 175,000 on CTV2, and Tom Brady’s loss to the Steelers drew 349,100 viewers on TSN. Meanwhile, the 4 p.m. window on CTV brought in 915,400 as Bills QB Josh Allen beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the featured game, while 167,600 watched the Rams and Panthers. Sunday Night Football between the Cowboys and Eagles scored 320,400 on CTV2 and 261,400 on TSN for a total of 581,800.

The Monday Night Football overtime game the Los Angeles Chargers won against the Denver Broncos totaled 542,800 on TSN, nearly half of Monday Night Hockey on Sportsnet. With the Canadiens and Leafs on the ice at the same time, the combined rating was 1,022,600.

It’s worth noting that the Ticats and Stamps beat three MLB postseason games on Friday and Saturday’s CFL games each outscored four professional baseball playoff games.

Week 19 2022 TV Rankings:

Montreal to Ottawa — 244,400
Hamilton to Calgary — 311,900

Toronto to Edmonton — 250,600
Winnipeg to BC — 464,000

Total average for week 19: 317,725

(These figures do not include the audience of RDS, the French-language subsidiary of TSN, which averaged around 200,000 viewers for Alouettes games in 2022.)


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