The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 6 premiere in brief


Everyone’s favorite and heartwarming cooking contest is officially back for a sixth season.

The Great Canadian Pastry Show has become something we look forward to every year at Eat North headquarters thanks to its ever-diverse cast of home bakers and, in recent years, its wonderful host duo Alan Shane Lewis and Ann Pornel. The two comedians continue to bring laughs and viewers in from the opening minutes of the GCBS Season 6 premiere as they soak up some rays as the contestants patiently wait to be dispatched to task in the iconic tent.

Although there are no East Coast folks competing this year, most other provinces are represented in the home bakers roster. From the west are Nigel Batchelor from Winnipeg, Zoya Thawer from Edmonton, Lauren Tjoe from Tsawwassen, BC and John Fowler from Victoria. To the east are Kristi Carey, Jomar Manzano, Chi Nguyễn from Toronto, André Hayde and Rosemary O’Neill from Ottawa, and Lydiane Gaborieau from Montreal.

Since none of these competitors are professional cooks, it’s always difficult to gauge them before cooking begins. So we can’t wait to see how the ten Canadians perform after Cake Week.


Cake Week is a fun, dare we say “multi-layered” way to start Season 6.

Cake Week consisted of three baked goods: individually flavored Friand mini cakes for the Signature Bake; the Brazilian roll cake filled with guava, Bolo de Rolo, for the technique; and an adorably decorated Japanese-style Kawaii cake for the Show Stopper.

Of course, judges Bruno Feldeisen and Kyla Kennaley, along with ten of the nation’s top home bakers entered the iconic tent for the first time to take on Cake Week.

Downstairs baker

Montreal’s Lydiane Gaborieu rebounded from a slight setback to save her Signature Bake, but she appeared to be struggling at both ends of the time spectrum with her next two. Fedleisen found his Bolo de Rolo to be a bit confusing and in need of refinement, while Kennaley said his two-tiered cake was a bit too simplistic given the bakers’ time constraints.

best baker

Chi Nguyễn walked through the doors with his baking A-game and earned himself the Top Baker designation for Cake Week thanks to his charmingly designed cakes. Each of their pastries came out wonderful, but the adorable Halloween-inspired Kawaii Cake pictured below looked almost too cute to eat.

Next week

Next week is cookie and candy bar week. The Great Canadian Pastry Show tent, so we can’t wait to see the remaining nine bakers go head-to-head (pun intended). GCBS Season 6 Episode 2 airs Sunday, October 9 on CBC and CBC Gem.


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