The End of Slasher: Flesh and Blood Explained


There are two ways to die in “Slasher: Flesh and Blood”. One is, of course, to be taken out in an extremely creatively and horrifying way by the island’s masked killer. The other is to have one of your “family” members turn on you in the melting pot of claustrophobia and paranoia that Spencer’s Island and game creates. For the most part, these two ways are related: Often a family member remains vulnerable after being turned on, and that’s when the killer strikes. The final revelation of who the killer is, however, speaks of an entirely different dichotomy.

Although Spencer’s medical assistant Persephone Trinh (Jeananne Goossen) was reportedly killed by Florence in a much older episode, “Kindred” reveals that she not only survived, but that Florence (ugh, Florence) was right. in his suspicions. : Dr. Trinh is the masked killer. Rather than going the usual route of giving the murderer an elaborate backstory and defensible justification for his actions, “Flesh and Blood” gives viewers little to do with regards to Dr. Trinh. Basically, she kills because for her, it’s just for fun. While it is true that Spencer paid her to terrorize and kill her potential heirs, the Good Doctor rejoices in her job for reasons that have nothing to do with hard cash.

The series uses Dr. Trinh as a foil for Final Girl Liv Galloway. The first looks suspicious, but at least its motivations are (in context and, even horrific) somewhat “pure”, and the second seems trustworthy, almost identifiable, but its motivations turn out to be a toxic mix of getting of wealth and demanding revenge. for the Galloways’ previous rejection of her as a family member. In other words, some people kill for fun, and some people kill for the sake of it.

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