The elimination of husband Ritesh disturbs Rakhi Sawant about his departure; asks him: “Bhaag mat jana tum, Canada Waira”


This week’s elimination came from Rakhi Sawant, whose husband Ritesh had to quit Bigg Boss 15 after receiving the fewest votes. His eviction gave audiences a glimpse of the ominous side of the actress, who feared something bigger than himself would leave the Bigg Boss 15 house.

Rakhi was in shock after Salman Khan announced his elimination. As Ritesh got up to leave, she ran behind him and tried to stop him. She became emotional and asked him not to leave. What bothered her the most was that Ritesh was leaving her forever.

The actress asked him not to leave her and to fly to Canada or anywhere abroad. She couldn’t hold back tears and said, “Mujhe choddke mat jao. Tum baag mat jana, Canada paris. Rakhi even held his leg to make him stop and expressed his concern, “Tum mujhe chodd doge.”

Meanwhile, Ritesh told him to play the game and told him to win the trophy for him. As she continued to cry and ask him not to leave her, he said, “Arey nahi chhodunga.”

Salman who saw the scary side of Rakhi assured him that Ritesh was not going anywhere. Earlier, in announcing his elimination, the host indicated that the latter’s bad behavior with Rakhi led to his expulsion as the audience did not give him enough voice.

Later, Rakhi was seen telling Devoleena Bhattacharjee that she couldn’t live without Ritesh. She blamed herself for naming him and said he would not have been kicked out if she had not named him.

In the previous episode of WKV, Salman criticized Ritesh for disrespecting his wife Rakhi Sawant. He warned her and said he would not be spared if he wronged the actress. The host also mentioned Ritesh’s “violent streak” in the past during the same period.

Salman also asked Rakhi why she put up with his bad behavior. She revealed that the thought of him leaving her feared her forever.

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