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After spending years planning his conquest of Earth, interstellar tyrant Darkseid is finally ready to conquer the planet “Apokolips … Now! Part II.” After using Bruno Manheim for his own purposes, he prepares to prepare for the devastating technology that will transform Earth into a version of his homeworld Apokolips and is now ready to oversee the final stage of his plan in person.

Darkseid sends his fiercest warrior, Steppenwolf, to Earth. Steppenwolf lands his armies at Superman’s gate, intending to destroy the planet. However, he knows he will have to go through the Man of Steel to do so, and when Superman finally brings the fight to Darkseid’s forces, they are more than ready for him.

Superman makes a valiant effort but is defeated and captured, leaving the fate of the entire world on the line. However, with the help of Orion, the High Father, and the rest of the New Gods, there may be a chance to save. the Earth of total destruction. “Apokolips … Now!” is a dark, action-packed episode that sees the death of a major supporting actor, something you don’t often see in this kind of ongoing series, which turns out to be one of the highlights. most powerful in the series. As crucial as this episode is, it wouldn’t be the end of his ongoing battle with Darkseid, as Superman would eventually get a rematch.


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