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In 2013, Rooster Teeth released RWBY, a computer-animated web series. The series has amassed a dedicated fanbase and is now entering its 9th season. Ruby Rose is the main character who can use a specialized weapon alongside her comrades to fight against the Grimms and their master, Salem. It’s pretty kid-friendly, but RWBY digs deeper into deeper themes if necessary.

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Since RWBY was influenced by mainstream anime, it’s no surprise that it has fun action sequences and the quality of these battles has improved dramatically over the years. The story has also come a long way, and the characters have gone through their fair share of adversity and tragedy. That being said, there are several actual anime series that are better than RWBY.

ten Little Witch Academia follows a similar formula

Fans of the magical girl anime genre criticized Little Witch Academy to be overly formulaic, but it tells a decent story nonetheless. The series takes place in a world where the magic is fading. The series focuses on Atsuko Kagari, a young girl who wishes to become a witch despite her non-magical background.

Little Witch Academy and RWBY follow a similar formula, as both series focus on a group of young girls attending prestigious magic schools and both groups have to deal with super-powered enemies. The main difference is that Little Witch AcademyThe main character of has faced more adversity when it comes to his training, and he tells a more concise story because it’s only 23 episodes long.

9 The main character of Soul Eater is a girl wielding the scythe

soul eater may have a cartoonish art style, but it’s still one of the best anime of the 2000s. Maka Albarn is the main character and she’s a two-star meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy. Like Ruby, she is a skilled fighter who uses a special scythe during combat.

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His scythe is a living being called Soul Eater and his goal is to make him a Death Scythe stronger than his adulterous father. The two develop a close relationship and their action sequences are quite fluid. In the end, Maka and Soul, with the help of their friends, face a God who defeated death himself.

8 Akame Ga kills! Follows a female assassin

RWBY is known for its unique weapons, and Akame Ga kills! happens to be filled with weapons that possess special abilities. The main character is a young girl named Akame who has been trained to be an assassin and wields a katana that carries a deadly poisonous curse.

Akame Ga kills! is much darker than RWBY and has a lot more violence. It covers brutal corruption and war, and Akame and his friends are tasked with weakening the Empire so the Revolutionary Army can create a better world.

7 Black Rock Shooter has a unique battle animation

From the very beginning, RWBY had an excellent fight animation, which is exactly why fans of the series will find black Rock Shooter entertaining. The anime focuses on Mato and Yomi, a pair of young girls who know each other from parallel universes.

In one universe, the girls bond over children’s books, but the other universe sees them fighting against each other while using transforming weapons. Everything that happens in each universe affects the other. The combat is done using incredibly fast and visually stunning 3D animation.

6 God Eater follows a team that battles giant monsters

In RWBY, the people of Remnant have to deal with the Grimms. But in eating god, humanity must face the Aragami. These terrifying monsters wish to consume all matter and humanity’s only hope are the God Eaters, who wield special weapons created by the Fenrir organization.

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In both series, the main group faces massive threats and there are times when the God Eaters fail or end up near death. Which makes god eater so nice is the fact that it looks like a video game, which isn’t surprising since it’s based on a video game.

5 Land Of The Lustrous CGI is higher quality

There are times when digital animation is better than hand-drawn animation, and Land of the Shining is a perfect example. When RWBY started, its animation was poor. Over time, it got a lot better. That being said, Land of the Brilliants’ animation is on a whole other level.

Land of the Shining is absolutely stunning, and the animation helps to enhance the whole story. Phos is the main character tasked with creating an important encyclopedia, but she is also forced to take part in a war against a celestial enemy.

4 Ajin: Demi-Human is a dark CGI anime

Ajin: Demi-human and RWBY both use digital animation, but that’s where the similarities end. In his heart, RWBY is a good-natured series, while Ajin is incredibly dark and violent. The series focuses on Kei Nagai, a student who does not die after being involved in a fatal traffic accident.

He learns that he is an Ajin, which is a unique type of human with immortality and advanced regenerative abilities. Each Ajin can summon a Black Ghost who possesses great physical strength. These ghosts are resistant to physical damage. It is said that the Ajin are protected, but in reality the governments subject them to cruel and inhumane experiments.

3 Sailor Moon features teenage girls defending the Earth

Sailor Moon has been popular since the early 90s. This series has always done well with young female audiences due to its inspiring female lead. Usagi Tsukino is the titular Sailor Moon who leads a team of teenage girls known as the Sailor Guardians who must protect Earth from evil.

The fight scenes might feel a little dated, but they’re still passable by today’s standards. Both series can be inspirational for young girls, but Sailor Moon managed to inspire an entire generation with the quality of the character portrayal.

2 My Hero Academia tells a real hero origin story

Ruby and her friends wanted to be hunters and huntresses, and My hero academia, Izuku Midoriya and his friends all aspire to become Pro Heroes. MHA has become an incredibly popular shonen that tells a real hero origin story and most of its characters have an interesting backstory.

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RWBY has its weapons and its likenesses, but MHA has quirks. A Quirk is a type of superpower and most of them are extremely unique or have interesting uses. Midoriya started the series as a Quirkless oddity, but he gains his idol’s power, which he uses to thwart terrifying villains.

1 Claymore follows a core of women battling monsters

Ruby and her friends battle Grimm, but in Claymore, Claire and her allies battle Yoma, who are far more terrifying. Yoma are monsters that feed on human flesh and have the ability to transform into humans, making them hard to find.

Claire is a Claymore, a half-human, half-yoma warrior who wields a great greatsword. Claymores tap into their Yoma side during battle, but if they use this power too much, they transform into the very monsters they were sworn to kill. The action sequences are fast and well-executed, and the series as a whole is quite bloody.

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