Telegram hackers steal accounts with fake “gift”


Telegram hackers are tricking social media users in the Kingdom into forwarding account details through the “Gift 74/100 Free Premium” link which then exposes other personal details to fraudsters, especially access to financial information.

Director of the Department of Information and Communications Technology Security Ou Phannarith said yesterday that hackers had recently developed fake links to an animated Gif which appears as an original Telegram message but is being used to steal Telegram accounts.

The scam tricks Telegram users by allowing an anonymous user to take control of the account which is then exposed to the hacker who uses other information from the account such as bank details or credit card information.

Phannarith said the Post Office announced preventive measures on Friday to avoid Telegram being hacked and not falling into the trap of providing information.

He explained that this scam works by sending an animated graphic (Gif) with the message “Gift 74/100 Free Premium” to the owner of a Telegram account, asking him to fill in his details in exchange for an account with unlimited use.

A message states that “You will be asked to enter sensitive data, including your name, password and account information, when you click on the image or animated link”. The hackers then seized the Telegram account.

Post Office Department spokeswoman Liv Sophanarith yesterday called on Telegram users to be aware of fraud and to be extra vigilant for the ‘Gift 74/100 Free Premium’ link as it urges users to provide important information via the link.

“Postal Ministry officials are working hard to track down the pirates and are also cooperating with relevant ministries to expedite this issue to prosecute these pirates,” he said.

Sophanarith added that the ministry is asking students to study digital technology subjects as Cambodia needs these human resources as there is currently a shortage of people in government and the private sector with these skills.

“Do not click to view or enter crucial information unless all animations or links are clear,” Sophanarith said, adding that “to avoid losing your account, if you click, do not enter any information, reset immediately the password and log out from all devices.

Users can learn more about the technical details regarding this issue by visiting the Department of Security, Information and Communication Technology Department of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications “Computer Emergency Response Office (CamCERT)” website at, or by reporting the problem or requesting further technical support via email to [email protected] or by calling 023 722 391/016 851 678.


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