Supply chain issues could worsen in 2022 with Canada’s COVID vaccine requirement for truckers



BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – As the holiday season rolls around, supply chain issues continue to plague just about everyone who buys or sells merchandise. Now that the Canadian border has reopened, North Dakota is once again a gateway for our neighbors to the north. However, some Canadian policies could exacerbate the problems at ports.

Dion Wald is a truck driver who recognizes the importance of his industry.

“We need it to live and survive and stuff like that. I mean, we need our food and our water and everything, and it mostly comes in almost every truck, ”Wald said.

And while Wald doesn’t haul goods to and from Canada, he sees why it could hurt the industry if Canada demands vaccines for truckers starting in January. The current proposal would require all truckers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 15.

“That means we won’t be able to get our supply and demand for what we’re going to need,” Wald said.

Jeff Hinz of Ace Hardware is no stranger to supply chain issues.

“We went six months without a toaster, we just couldn’t get them. You don’t know until you want a toaster and want to know why, ”Hinz said.

He says he understands why people are frustrated.

“In this country, we are used to getting anything we want. Regardless of the size, color, flavor, you have a choice to shop around for the best price, we don’t have that anymore, we’re going to accept what’s on the shelf, ”Hinz said.

The big takeaway? Almost everyone is affected by supply chain disruptions.

More than two-thirds of the goods traded between the United States and Canada are transported on roads and highways. The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that up to 40 percent of American truckers traveling to and from Canada would be sidelined by the vaccination requirement.

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