Suitor Derek Kesseler was a guest on ‘Big Brother Canada’


From Big Brother house at the mansion. Derek Kesseler is one of 16 men competing to win the heart of Seattle-based software engineer Nicole Remy on The Courtship, NBC’s new Regency-themed dating series. But this is not his first contact with reality TV. Kesseler was also a guest on the sixth season of Big Brother Canada.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Courtship premiere.]

Nicole Rémy tries to find true love in ‘The Courtship’

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This is The single person meets Bridgerton in courtship, which offers a new twist on the reality dating series. Fed up with modern ways to find love, Remy decides to take an older approach to romance. She goes to England, where she settles in a castle, with her parents, her sister and her best friend. There, she meets 16 eligible men from around the world, who each compete to win her hand. Courtesy takes place Jane Austen style, with horse-drawn carriage rides, fencing competitions and formal balls, and everyone wears period-appropriate attire.

“I want to show that meaningful connections can still exist,” Rémy told Variety, “But more importantly, I want every girl who looks like me to find hope in this fantasy of finding true love, of being valued and to feel beautiful.”

Derek Kesseler was on ‘Big Brother Canada’

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In the season premiere of courtship, Rémy meets his 16 suitors for the first time. They included a doctor, a real estate agent, a model and a pizzeria owner. There are also a few men who have enjoyed screen time on other shows. Daniel Bochicchio, who ended up winning the last date with Rémy in the first episode, was once a guest bartender on Watch what’s happening live with Andy Cohen. And Derek Kesseler, a 31-year-old digital marketing manager from Vancouver, was a Big Brother Canada house guest.

by Kesseler Big Brother season aired in Canada in 2018. He had a demo with eventual runner-up Kaela Grant and qualified for the final three. But in the end, he ended up being expelled. Later he dated Big Brother Season 20 guest Katilyn Herman, according to Us Weekly. (Fans who want to see how Kesseler acquitted himself of Big Brother Canada can stream all of Season 6 on Paramount+.)

How Derek did on ‘The Courtship’ season premiere

Derek Kesseler in ‘The Cnostreship’ | Sean Gleason/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Viewers couldn’t see too much of Kesseler on The Courtshipfirst episode. However, he was one of six suitors that Remy’s family and friend Tessa chose to have a group date with her at the premiere. And while he didn’t win the one-on-one date with the heroine, he wasn’t part of the final group of six either. This meant he was safe from elimination in Episode 1 and will be around for at least one more episode. Courtship.

The Courtship airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Episodes air the next day on Peacock.

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