STUFISH will continue to play a role in the Rolling Stones’ set design for the ‘SIXTY’ tour


A long time rolling stones set designers STUFISH Entertainment Architects have been confirmed as the next group SIXTY European tourwhich opens in Madrid on June 1.

The company’s relationship with the Stones dates back to Steel wheels 1989 tour and its 1990 European successor, urban jungle. The partnership was overseen by the late Mark Fisher, the founder of STUFISH Entertainment Architects. Since then, they have continued to work with the band to stage a succession of great rock shows, on the Voodoo parlor 1994-95 tour, Bridges to Babylon (1997-98), lick (2002-03), A bigger blow (2005-07), 50 and count (2012-13), 14 On Fire (2014), and No filterfrom 2017.

STUFISH CEO Ray Winkler comments, “STUFISH Entertainment Architects are honored to return as set designers for the upcoming Rolling Stones tour. SIXTY. We are delighted to play our part over the years in creating spectacular designs for The Stones to entertain their fans around the world. We look forward to celebrating the band’s 60th anniversary this summer across Europe.

Said Keith Richards European dates: “Sorry to keep you hanging around, but the wait is over. I’ve always said that the best place to rock and roll is to be on stage with the Stones and this year is very special. In waiting to rehearse with Mick and Ronnie and some friends, the wheels are in. See you soon.

Ronnie Wood adds: “When I look at the sea of ​​people when we play in Europe, all I can see are smiles. It’s heartwarming and I’m glad we make people happy every time we play in I can’t wait to get on this brand new stage with the boys and have some fun.

Meanwhile, the band’s 1977 “secret” Canadian broadcasts will air as Living at El Mocambo on May 13, with their 2013 New York show as Licked live in New York to follow on June 10.

Pre-order Living at El Mocambo.


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