Steve Perry announces vacation album ‘The Season’


Steve Perry has announced an eight-track holiday album titled The season, which will be released on November 5.

The album marks the first collection of seasonal songs from the former Journey singer and his first complete new work since his comeback album in 2018. Traces.

“I hope when people hear this record they’re teleported the same way they did when I recorded all of those songs,” Perry said in a statement. “I hope this will bring them back to those golden moments with their loved ones and give them that sense of joy, connection and comfort that we all need so much.

You can hear “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” from the album below.

Perry explained what “I’ll be home for Christmas” meant to him. “As I was singing this song, I closed my eyes and suddenly I found myself standing in the doorway that opened to the living room of my grandmother’s house,” he said. declared.

“Her Christmas tree was always full of presents underneath and covered with the garlands that my mom and I put on to make the tree glow. I could see this tree so clearly in my mind, then I opened my eyes and j thought, “Whoa – where have I been? Now everyone is dead, of course, but for now, I was home for Christmas. “

The album is available for pre order now in digital, CD and multiple vinyl formats, with additional items including folders and signed copies. You can see the list of tracks below.

Steve Perry, tracklist for “The Season”
1. “The Christmas Song”
2. “I’ll be home for Christmas”
3. “Auld Lang Syne”
4. “Winter wonderland”
5. “What are you doing on New Years Eve”
6. “Santa Claus is coming to town”
7. “silver bells”
8. “Have a merry little Christmas”

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