Some Canadian shows to watch if you haven’t already: Orphan Black on the Great Canadian Baking Show

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Aren’t you addicted to finding new TV shows and trying them out? There are platforms with amazing content that are suitable for all ages and their moods. Due to Covid-19, people maintain social distancing and are even quarantined themselves; so the best way to be entertained is to grab some snacks and put on a TV show. Here are some cool shows you can’t miss.

1. Black orphan
This series is part of one of the best Canadian SF and fantasies. The season started from 2013 to 2017 and has 5 seasons in total. In this series, Sarah realizes that she is one of the genetically identical human clones. She later raises a question about the moral implications of cloning and its impacts on identity. You can find this series on Amazon Prime.

2. Kim’s convenience
You can find Kim’s Convenience streaming on Netflix. It is also part of the best Canadian comedy show. The show started in 2016-present and has 5 seasons. On this show, the family of Korean-Canadian Kim runs a convenience store in the Toronto neighborhood.

3. Anne with an E
Anne with an E starts from 2017-present and is one of the best Canadian dramas. It has 3 seasons and is streamed on Netflix. In this series, Matthew finds Anne at a train station and learns that he lost his family a few months ago. He brings Anne home while Marilla refuses to trust Anne.

4. Strange Squad
It is one of the best Canadian family shows. He started in 2014-present and has 3 seasons so far. In this case, a team of kids investigate strange occurrences and get things back to normal. This show airs on Amazon Prime and the PBS kids app.

5. The great Canadian pastry show
Recently, The Great Canadian Baking show published its 4th season, from February 14 to April 4, 2021. In this show, 10 amateur bakers will compete with different challenges over 8 weeks.

To watch if you haven’t watched it yet.

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