Oppo talks about ColorOS 12 release plans and new features


ColorOS 12, Google’s Android 12-based Oppo smartphone operating system, will arrive on the Oppo Find X3 Pro in December, with other models from the company’s lineup to follow during the coming year. coming year. Oppo says the new version is cleaner, smoother, and more inclusive than before, but if you’re waiting to hear a slew of new features, you might be disappointed.

Inclusiveness is one of the key aspects of ColorOS 12, and important for the continued growth of ColorOS around the world. The new animated Omoji emoji characters have a wide range of customizations to make sure they appeal to everyone, for example, but it’s in the software itself that a lot of work has been done to make it more inclusive. . This includes changes to the formatting and appearance for text in languages ​​other than Chinese and English, new translations for specific languages ​​including Danish, which Oppo has figured out is missing, and even Camera app algorithm changes in beautify function to make it more suitable for more people.

Oppo claims to have a global user base of 440 million people, which makes these changes very significant, and describes ColorOS as “maturing software” which is one of the reasons the big new features will be coming. at a slower pace. What will you see? Most notably, it has a new PC Connect feature that works like Samsung DeX and provides a multi-screen experience with a compatible Windows 10 computer. There is also a smart rewind bubble that allows players of certain games (PUBG and League of Legends among them) to quickly return to the game when they are in another app during wait times, and it also includes a practical timer.

Other changes include the reinstatement of Google Discover to the left of the home screen, a three-finger translation mode that uses Google Lens technology, as well as a privacy dashboard and added battery data. to the Phone Manager application. The design will adopt Google’s Material You look, and Oppo will adopt Google’s Call and Message apps by default, as well as Google Assistant. Android 12’s camera and microphone usage indicator will be part of ColorOS 12, along with many other privacy features in Google’s new software.

An interesting benefit of using ColorOS 12 on a smartphone is the potential for improving battery life, which Oppo claims will get a 12% increase over the same phone using ColorOS 11. The software the more efficient should also stay fresher for longer, with Oppo saying the “aging” rate is only 2.75% over three years, which means fewer performance issues creeping up over the average ownership period.

The plan is to launch ColorOS 12 first on the Oppo Find X3 Pro from December, followed by the rest of the Find X3 line, Find X2 phones, Reno4 models, Reno6, Reno 10x Zoom, phones A94, A74 and A73. during the first half of 2022. The remaining A-series phones are expected to get the software during the second half of 2022. However, this is all subject to change, and Oppo warns that the software will be released in batches, you So you may need to be patient before that. comes to your phone.

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