New King Charles coins show what Canada’s new currency could look like (PHOTOS)


The UK’s Royal Mint has started making the first coins in circulation featuring King Charles III, and the design could give a glimpse of what Canada’s new coins will look like.

Britain’s official coinmaker announced on Friday that the first coins bearing the image of the new king will be a 50 pence memorial honoring Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles coin design

Designed by artist Martin Jennings, the new British coin will feature the King’s face on one side, with the reverse featuring a design to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation at Westminster Abbey.

The design shows four quarters of the Royal Coat of Arms depicted within a shield. Between the shields are a rose, a thistle, a shamrock and a leek, the emblems of the original nations, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The new coin will begin to be seen in public change from December 2022, the Royal Mint said, and will represent “the biggest change to UK currency since decimalisation”.

Will there be King Charles coins in Canada?

While the new British coins may shed some light on what new Canadian coins might look like, the Royal Canadian Mint recently told Narcity that the future design of Canadian coins is the “exclusive jurisdiction” of the federal government.

The Mint only manufactures and distributes Canada’s circulation coins, so it will “comply with the decision and timing” of the federal government regarding changing the coin “head” design.

The Mint also noted that there is no timeline required for the distribution of new coins, so there is no definitive answer as to when Canada might see the change.

Although it is not certain what the coins of Canada will look like, it is likely that the same effigy of Charles will be used, as the Queen’s portrait was the same in most currencies that featured her.

What is the newest coin in Canada?

While waiting to see what the Mint has in store for coins featuring Canada’s new monarch, other new Canadian coins have entered circulation.

On October 20, the Mint announced that a new loonie had come into circulation in Canada, featuring a design commemorating Alexander Graham Bell — the inventor of the telephone — for his many groundbreaking inventions and contributions to the world of communications.

The coin features Bell and two of his inventions, the HD-4 hydrofoil and the Silver Dart, and is limited to a mintage of 3 million coins, 2 million of which feature a striking blue “color enhancement”.

In September, Canada also saw the launch of a new $2 circulation coin celebrating the “triumph” of Team Canada over Team USSR in the 1972 Summit Series.

Three million coins were minted, 2 million of which feature a “fully colored inner core” of two Team Canada hockey players in a brilliant red hue.

Finally, in August, a $1 coin commemorating famed Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson was released, featuring the musician playing the piano.

Two million of the 3 million coins minted feature a purple accent, Peterson’s favorite color.

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