Netflix forced to broadcast public TV channels in Russia


The Russian Federal Service for Surveillance of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, known as Roskomnadzor, will require Netflix to broadcast state-approved TV channels to Russian customers from March 2022 – report The Moscow Times.

The addition of Netflix to the Russian media watchdog’s “audiovisual services” registry, which took place on Tuesday, depended on the platform offering state-approved TV channels to local customers.

The streamer will have to offer 20 major Russian federal television channels, including state-owned Channel One, entertainment-focused NTV and the Russian Orthodox Church’s internal channel Spas on its platform.

Roskomnadzor’s registry was established at the end of 2020 and applies to all online streaming services with over 100,000 daily users.

It is mandatory for registered services to start a Russian business and comply with Russian law, which includes controversial provisions calling for censorship and prohibiting the promotion of anything the state considers “extremism.” – a restriction that has in the past been used against supporters of the anti-Kremlin opposition.

Recently, Russia has been keen to put the screw on Internet giants operating within its borders. In September, Russia used the provisions against foreign tech companies Apple and Google, forcing them to remove the anti-Kremlin opposition’s “Smart Voting” app from the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Russian authorities last week also fined Alphabet’s Google and Meta, formerly Facebook, $ 98 million $ 27.15 million for failing to remove content deemed illegal in the country.

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