Netflix Canada has 28 new frenzy-worthy vacation titles coming this season


We haven’t even carved our pumpkins yet, but Netflix is ​​already hinting at some upcoming holiday giveaways.

Netflix just dropped its release schedule for its 2021 holiday season, and it’s packed with more heartwarming rom-coms and movies than you can shake a candy cane.

On Wednesday, the streaming giant announced that it will have 28 festive news on the platform this holiday season, including 11 films.

The first to fall on his holiday slate on November 1 is The Claus family.

Then rom-com Love hard will be released on November 5th. It stars Canadian Nina Dobrev and comedian Jimmy O. Yang. Vancouverites, watch carefully because Love hard, like countless other Christmas movies, was filmed in your town.

Another highly anticipated heavyweight on the list is The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star starring Vanessa Hudgens, and you can start streaming it on November 18.

If you like cozy romantic movies then you’ll want to check out A castle for Christmas and A Californian Christmas: the city lights. Netflix also has a number of comedies and family titles coming soon.

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Grab the popcorn and pop the wine, here’s the full list of new holiday gifts you can expect from Netflix this holiday season:


  • November, 1st – The Claus family
  • November 5Love hard
  • November 18 – The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star
  • November 24 – A boy called Christmas
  • November 26 – A castle for Christmas
  • December 2 – Single until the end
  • December 6 – David and the elves / Dawid i elfy
  • December 16 – A Californian Christmas: the city lights
  • December 22 – Grumpy Christmas
  • December 24 – 1000 Christmas Miles / 1000 kms from Navidad
  • Coming in December – A Christmas Naija

TV shows

  • November 17 – Christmas Stream
  • November 19 –Blown Away: Christmas 🇨🇦
  • November 26 – Chocolate School
  • November 28 – Elves
  • Coming in December – How to Spoil Christmas: Season 2

Netflix will also add a handful of titles, including All I want for Christmas is you from Mariah Carey and tons of family content on the platform for the holidays, adding up to 28 different additions.

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