Netflix and Wonderstorm Provide Update on The Dragon Prince Season 4


It’s been almost three years since the premiere of The Dragon Prince Season 3, but now Netflix, Wonderstorm and animation studio Bardel have finally given us an update on The Dragon Prince Season 4.

According to the post of the official The Dragon Prince Twitter accounthere is what is already finished for the fourth season:

  • All scripts have been written.
  • All dialogues have been recorded.
  • All storyboards and animatics are complete.
  • Six of the nine episodes are now complete in animation.
  • Four out of nine episodes are currently in lighting, rendering and compositing.
  • Two out of nine episodes are in post-production for music and sound.

However, they aren’t quite ready to announce a release date just yet, though they aim to wrap production by “later this year.” Maybe the sooner we get The Dragon Prince Season 4 is nearing the end of 2022.

The Dragon Prince is a computer-animated fantasy streaming television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, the former of whom was also one of the main writers of avatar the last airbender. The anime series is shaping up to be a grand fantasy saga on its own, with a deep and growing lore that’s ripe for further exploration in future seasons.


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