MODOK shows the X-Men he’s not laughing in new preview


Judging from the covers of February’s X-Men # 8, Marvel’s mutants are about to learn that, despite how it looks, MODOK is no laughing matter.

Warning: Contains potential spoilers for X-Men # 8!

Despite his tremendous power and fantastic mental abilities, MODOK has become the laughing stock of the Marvel Universe, but in a special preview for X Men # 8, on sale in print and digital in February, Marvel’s Mutants are about to learn he’s no laughing matter. The issue is written by Gerry Duggan with the art of Javier Pina.

One of the most unique villains in comic book history, MODOK (short for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) first appeared in the 1967s. Tales of Suspense # 94, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Born George Tarleton, MODOK, received his powers and looks through an experiment conducted by his superiors at AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) who sought to turn him into a living computer. However, he rebelled and took control of the organization. Mainly a Captain America villain, MODOK has become a cult favorite, but also kind of a joke, thanks to his ridiculous appearance. Recently, the character made the leap to television, appearing on his own animated show on Hulu from comedian and comic book fan Patton Oswalt. The series leaned heavily on MODOK’s goofy nature, but the comics haven’t forgotten that MODOK is a cold-blooded killer and has now set its sights on the X-Men.


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A match on by marvel The website offered additional tips for the next issue, as well as an overview of the regular covers and variations of the book. Plot details were scarce, but Marvel is teasing that AIM will be involved, and the X-Men must stop them. The announcement also highlighted that this story will focus on the murderous nature of MODOK. The main cover of the issue, by Pepe Larraz, shows the villain holding the mask of Jean Gray, a look of pure evil on his face. The cover variant, by Pete Woods, shows the team at the mercy of MODOK, as he laughs maniacally. Take a look below:

MODOK fights the X-Men

MODOK’s silly appearance often leads to stories that downplay the darker aspects of the character, or even ignore them altogether. As originally planned by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, MODOK was no joke: slaughtering AIM agents without any stealth. After taking control of AIM, he solidified their reputation as techno-terrorists, often coming into conflict with Captain America and the Avengers. MODOK has never shown interest in the X-Men until now, what put them on its radar? Is he interested in making Krakoa’s technology his own? Or something even more sinister? Only time will tell.

New X Men title pits the team against some of Marvel’s biggest villains, and in issue eight, MODOK comes looking for them. And while Marvel’s mutants may be tempted to laugh at MODOK, they will soon find out that the joke is on them.

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