Letterkenny: Season 10 of Canadian Comedy Coming to Hulu Next Month (Watch) – Canceled + Renewed TV Shows


The 10th season of Letterkenny arrives at Hulu next month. The comedy series is set in a small rural community in Canada and revolves around farmer siblings Wayne (Jared Keeso) and Katy (Michelle Mylett) and friends of Wayne, Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) ), who work with them. The show’s cast also includes Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, Daniel Petronijevic, Melanie Scrofano, Jacob Tierney, Lisa Codrington, Tiio Horn, Evan Stern, Mark Forward, Clark Backo, James Daly, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau and Tyler. Hynes.

Hulu revealed more about the upcoming season in a press release.

“It was around then, my friends. Season 10 of #Letterkenny will air on December 26.

The inhabitants of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players, who constantly argue with each other over seemingly trivial matters that often end in a kick in the ass. In Season 10, McMurray and Wayne have fun, the Hicks go to a sausage night, hockey players and Skids fight a video game battle, Letterkenny’s men get head-to-toe physical exams … and this is just to start, mate.

Discover an overview of Letterkenny season 10 below.

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