Is The Bad Guys movie streaming on Netflix?


We’ve had superheroes, horror, drama, mystery, comedy and everything in between on our screens in abundance in 2022, with a slew of films reaching us at home, in theaters or of them. Of course, it’s also been an exciting year for animation so far, with titles like Lightyear, Turning Red, and last but not least, The Bad Guys.

The computer-animated heist movie is great fun for younger and older audiences, drawing inspiration from Aaron Blabey’s book series of the same name.

It was defended when it hit theaters, but is The Bad Guys streaming on Netflix now?

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Is The Bad Guys streaming on Netflix?

Yes, The Bad Guys was released on Netflix in the United States on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

However, it is not available in other territories such as the UK. Nonetheless, those outside the US will find it available to rent for a nominal fee on platforms such as Amazon Video, iTunes and Google Play Movies.

Those in the US, on the other hand, can just hop on Netflix now and watch the movie at their convenience.

Villains hit theaters in April earlier this year, so it didn’t take too long to hit the subscription streaming service.

Serving as Pierre Perifel’s directorial debut, the film tells the story of a group of criminal animals who attempt to trick the general public into thinking they are reformed and okay. Although it is an illusion at first, the leader of the group is gradually tempted to go from good to good.

Bad Guys movie cast

You can check out the central cast alongside the artists who voice them below:

  • Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf
  • Marc Maron as Mr Snake
  • Anthony Ramos as Mr. Piranha
  • Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark
  • Awkwafina as Mrs. Tarantula
  • Richard Ayoade as Professor Rupert Marmalade IV
  • Zazie Beetz as Diane Foxington / “The Crimson Paw”
  • Lilly Singh as Tiffany Fluffit
  • Alex Borstein as Misty Luggins

The villains | Trailer 2

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The villains | Trailer 2





“You just want to see them again”

The film’s director has already sat down for a chat with Coming and he was asked if he had any ideas or plans for a sequel:

“You can’t help but you want to see them again. I’m with you on this one. Obviously, it’s not a decision that I make. It’s a whole studio process. So I can’t tell you if there will be another one, but I would love to see another one for sure.

He added, “I’m just kind of thinking about where this story would go and what we could do with these characters, because you just want to see them again.”

The Bad Guys is now streaming on Netflix in the United States.

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