Inside Tom Hanks’ $26 Million Pacific Palisades Home


Hollywood legend Tom Hanks owns a beautiful home in Pacific Palisades that cost him a fortune.

Arguably one of the most experienced, exceptional and gifted actors of the 21st century, Tom Hanks has been a mainstay in the Hollywood industry since he began acting professionally in 1977. His acting skills have earned him roles in movies with only the best and the best in Hollywood. the most prestigious actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel, Stanley Tucci and Catherine Zeta-Jones as well as a reprized role in one of the most successful series of computer-animated films of all times, Toy Story.

Now 65, Hanks has starred in more than 100 movies that have helped generate a net worth of over $400 million, though that’s a figure combined with that of his wife, Rita Wilson. , net value. With such a large net worth, one would expect this elite actor to be busy investing in land and property instead of flaunting his money on frivolous jewelry and designer clothes. That’s why when they bought their Pacific Palisades mansion in 2010 for $26 million, it immediately became their primary residence, despite the fact that they owned multiple homes in Malibu, Calif., Sun Valley, Idaho and even Greece. But let’s find out what cool features exist inside this impressive mansion owned by one of Hollywood’s power couples.

A house in the hills

It is clear that whatever the Castaway actor does, whether directing a classic movie or buying a modern mansion, he leaves his mark! So when he and his wife, Rita, bought the mansion for $26 million, it became one of the most expensive purchases in the area at that time. The massive hilltop mansion spans a whopping 14,513 square feet comprising of four bedrooms and five bathrooms throughout the home’s structure. Perched atop a cliff, the lot itself sits on an acre and a half of land, according to Although it is used as a place of accommodation for many high-profile Hollywood parties, the couple actually keep their home very private and as a result there aren’t many specs on the house. However, it was revealed that the house was built in 1996 and was previously occupied by Hollywood producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Mashall.

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Estimates and renovations

After the Hollywood couple left the house, a significant number of changes and renovations took place in 2006. The mansion is equipped with 3 floors inside, each floor having its own unique and spacious balcony with a magnificent view. One of the ground levels was called a support space and was modernly decorated with pristine white walls and polished wooden flooring. It also includes an additional room such as the wine cellar, which is a must for these celebrities considering the frequent number of high-end parties the award-winning couple like to host in their luxurious quarters. No matter how loud, with multimillionaire neighbors like Matt Damon and Chris Pratt, there’s probably no serious argument because all they have to do is send out an invitation for a wine tasting party and of cocktails.

Rest assured, the caliber of people at one of Tom Hanks’ parties might make any celebrity a little jealous and more than happy to get in on the action. According to Daily Mail, everyone from Michelle and Barack Obama to Steven Spielberg and Bruce Springsteen attended one of Tom Hanks’ elite Hollywood parties. After all, the multiple Oscar winner may have befriended former President Barack Obama, following the actor’s Presidential Medal of Freedom from the former 44th President of the United States. United in 2016.

Additional amenities

Returning to the exterior features of the mansion, the front yard also offers a large tree-lined parking area as a circular parking area for guests. After the curved parking section, it leads to a beautiful pool and cliffside deck, perfect for those Hollywood elite shots they like to throw very often. It’s unclear whether it was the renovations that were done or the celebrity financial trail that graced the property with their presence, but Hanks’ Pacific Palisades property has now risen in value to more than $28.5 million per year. compared to the $26 million the couple paid. that in 2010.

As mentioned above, this is just one of the beautiful structures owned by this power couple in the Pacific Palisades area of ​​Los Angeles. According to The real deal, Tom and Rita owned properties in this area long before 2010. Their first home purchase was in 2003 and in 2007 they added the neighboring mansion to the list as it is located on connected land. One of the mansions was a roughly 4,000 square foot four-bedroom Spanish Revival that he bought for $7.3 million and sold for $8.75 million in 2016. The annexed mansion was a bit more large with 7,260 square feet of living space with seven bedrooms he purchased. for just over $9 million. The properties ultimately sold for a combined price of $18 million. One thing is for sure, if things go well, Hanks and Wilson have plenty of life options both near and far!

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