Infinite Darkness looks so familiar



Actor Nick Apostolides first portrayed Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop on his first day, in the 2019 remake of “Resident Evil 2”, a remastered edition of the original video game that featured shooter style gameplay. the third person. He reprized the role in “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”, the expansion pack for another Capcom game released later in the year with a “Resident Evil” crossover. “Infinite Darkness” will therefore be his third project in the “Resident Evil” franchise.

Apostolides is actually a huge fan of “Resident Evil”, and he also filmed some scenes as a motion capture talent in the game. He said he submitted the draft and when he received the script, he said, “I knew exactly what it was, I’ve been a ‘Resident Evil’ fan since 1998, and so I knew this game intimately and I knew, I knew I had to book it. And a few weeks later. , I had the part and I’m dead and I’ve been dead ever since. “

In the original game, Paul Haddad voiced the character. Other actors who have portrayed Leon include Paul Mercier, Christian Lanz, Matthew Mercer and Riley McShane, via Metal Blade Records. The Sphere Hunter on YouTube reports that Nick actually received Haddad’s blessing to represent Leon.



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