Hundreds of former factory workers stricken with lung disease and cancer


Many had been diagnosed, or had family members, diagnosed with COPD, lung cancer, silicosis, etc. Although eager to obtain justice for the workers, Montgomery realized that she could not undertake the project on her own. The United Steelworkers has partnered with Ontario Worker Health Clinics Inc. (OHCOW).

One of the most pressing issues was, and still is, obtaining testimonials from those who worked at the plant.

The workers’ group was instrumental in helping the WSIB get a better idea of ​​working conditions. This will help Union and OHCOW provide a clearer retroactive exposure profile of the plant, which in turn will facilitate the review of claims.

“One thing that never changes, that disappears over time as people die, is their first-hand views, what they went through. And that’s the heart and soul of what we’re trying to do with this report, ”says Andrew Zarnke, Occupational Hygienist, OHCOW. “There is a latency period for a lot of these occupational illnesses that workers experience, so now they’ve been showing up in the last couple of years. “

Combined exhibitions

In its 32 years of activity, over 2,000 unionized workers have been employed at Neelon Casting.


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