How to Edit a Memoji: Everything You Need to Know


Apple has breathed new life into emoji with Memoji and offers several options to make them more personal. Here’s how to use them on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

AppleMemoji’s are cute 3D versions of the more standard emoji that adorn all mobile keyboards, and they work on all Apple devices with a screen, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Having a look reminiscent of a Pixar movie, these expressive stickers can be personalized to resemble the user, but there are also a wide variety of fantastic animals and characters that Apple created.

Apple’s Memoji customizations have evolved over time, based on popular emoji icons, but have been expanded to be larger and have a more three-dimensional appearance. Memoji stickers smile, laugh, shrug, look stunning and feature many other iconic facial expressions with hearts, stars, clouds and other graphics adding to the visual message. All of this helps provide non-verbal communication for just about any situation. Apple includes over 25 predefined characters, from a cute fox to a little poo, a ghost, and a dragon, among others. However, the real fun begins when creating a personalized Memoji.

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Apples Memoji can be easily created with iPhone, iPad or Mac computer using the Messages app. The Apple Watch can do the same with its dedicated Memoji app. All of them have the same options for fine-tuning skin, hair, eyes, and other facial features with a variety of styles to choose from for each attribute. Colors can be realistic or fantastic, like neon pink skin and purple hair. Once Messages or the Apple Watch Memoji app is open, just click on the button more sign on the far left (top for the Apple Watch), then scroll through the options and make adjustments to create a new Memoji. A live update will be displayed on the screen for instant feedback on the look of the Memoji. To edit an existing custom character, select it, then use the “…” symbol to enter edit mode. Clothing, hats, goggles, and masks have been added over time, so it’s worth taking a second look even if some have already been created.

Where and how to use Memoji

Apple iOS 14 Memoji

Memoji can be used in Apple’s Messages app and in third-party apps as stickers, although they are somewhat hidden. After opening the emoji keyboard, scrolling to the far left will reveal the most frequently used Memoji. Selecting the ‘…’ symbol will open the full list of expressions and allow you to choose another Memoji. Selecting an expression will paste it into the message. Memoji can be used in this way on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

Animated Memoji, known as Animoji, work in FaceTime, Messages, and the Clips app. Functionality is limited to devices with Apple’s depth-sensing technology, so Animoji requires an iPhone or iPad capable of Face ID. In FaceTime or Clips, tapping on the star symbol to bring up the Memoji list and choosing any character will immediately change a person’s appearance to match that of the selected character. It’s like wearing a soft mask that looks like Memoji. Smiling, winking and even sticking your tongue out are reflected in the Animoji in real time. This can be recorded in clips or used live in a FaceTime call, which could brighten up what is otherwise a boring meeting. With the customizable Memoji and Animoji for iPhone and iPad, Apple is bringing emoji a little more life and adding an extra fun and personal expression to all of its devices.

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