Hilarious Jon Hamm ad slams Apple TV for not casting him in a project


Through Melissa Romualdi.

5 hours ago

Literally everyone but Jon Hamm has worked with Apple TV+.

While the 50-year-old actor hilariously called out the streaming service for not giving him a show or movie to star in, they did give him the lead in their brand new ad, out Friday.

“Hey Apple, did I do something to offend you?” Hamm says in the ad as the Apple TV app pops up on his living room TV screen.

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The next “Top Gun: Maverick” star then lists a bunch of celebrities who have their own Apple shows or movies like Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Holland, and Billie Eilish.

“And Jon Hamm?” says the actor. ‘Seriously, I could have done'[Ted] Lasso’.”

Hamm then speaks to Tom Hanks on the phone, pointing out that the actor has two films on Apple – “Finch” and “Greyhound”. He is especially frustrated when he learns that Snoopy has a show on Apple instead of himself.

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Later, the commercial sees Hamm pacing around his house after watching a preview of “Swan Song” featuring Mahereshala Ali and a clone of himself.

“Two Mahershalas…it feels like cheating,” Hamm said. “I could have cloned myself!

You can watch Hamm pick Apple some more in the video above.


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