Here Are All The Tatiana Maslany Clones In Orphan Black, Ranked


5 years, 5 seasons, 50 episodes and an actress who plays over 17 different characters – welcome to the world of the BBC black orphan with its main star Tatiana Maslany. The plot follows a global science of corrupted clones in which the Dyad Institute has created countless clones to conduct a human experiment. The story throughout the series is kept fresh and engaging with the constant introduction of new clones and their personal lives.

Maslany has proven himself on Canadian shows like heartland and Being Erica, but it was black orphan which catapulted the Canadian actress to new heights in her career. Indeed, for his performance in black orphan, Maslany has won two Critics’ Choice Television Awards and an Emmy. Now the actress is set to step into the MCU in the highly anticipated She-Hulk series on Disney+, which promises to be a fourth groundbreaking comedy that brings together She-Hulk and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk for the first time on screen. Although Maslany has done an incredible job of giving each clone its own spark, there are bound to be some favorites among viewers. Take a look at our ranking of the 11 clones.

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11 Camille Torres


Appearing only in the final episode, Camilla managed to show us her cheeky side by flirting with Delphine (Évelyne Brochu). Delphine and Cosima collect medical information on the clones and travel the world to give them the Leda cure. Camilla is one of the clones they actually show us. They decide to spare her all the drama, so that she can continue to live her life peacefully.

ten Tony Sawicki


Many would agree that Maslany playing a transgender character probably wasn’t the best way to go about it, but Tony Sawicki remains valuable. He appears in the second season for a brief time. In comparison to the other clones, he accepts the new reality more quickly thanks to the gender identity crisis he has already been through. The production team didn’t decide to bring it back even after constant pleas from fans. We do know, however, that he survived the shenanigans.

9 Katja Obinger


Katja is yet another clone, this time of German descent, who was murdered shortly after we introduced her. She had a captivating spark and was arguably taken away from us too soon. She planned to meet with Beth Childs to get more information about people “genetically identical” to her, but was scammed and murdered. It’s heartbreaking to think that Katja’s family didn’t have a body to bury, nor did they manage to say goodbye.

8 MK

MK - Orphan - Black

Veera Suominen, aka MK, is the first clone to have more information on the whole situation than anyone. Due to the fact that her friends and family were killed and half of her face was burned, she is very skeptical and does not trust people easily. Thanks to her excellent hacking and coding skills, she was able to hide her identity for a long time. Many were dissatisfied and angry at the disrespect with which Mika was killed off the show by the hands of someone who was deeply connected to her trauma. She deserved dignity, not brutal death for the sole purpose of shocking.

seven Kristal Goderitch


As a fandom, we don’t appreciate Krystal Goderitch enough. Despite her “dumb blonde” appearance, Krystal proves her intelligence by uncovering secrets about Brightborne and Dyad. Even though she is informed of the clones’ situation, she refuses to believe it and instead thinks she is part of a cosmetics industry conspiracy. Unfortunately, it was not mentioned in the black orphan final, nor explained how they managed to convince her to get vaccinated with their remedy, because she always questions everything.

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6 Beth Child


Beth is one of the first clones we see when she commits suicide in the first episode, allowing Sarah to take on her identity and discover her life story. We learn about her inside out through countless flashbacks throughout the show. Due to being thrown into the plot, she quickly becomes overwhelmed and turns to prescription drugs to deal with her problems. As a detective, she fought hard for what she believed in and certainly deserved better. Although she died in the first episode, she is vital to the TV series and you can still feel her presence.

5 Rachel Ducan


Yes, one of the clones serves as the main antagonist throughout the series, especially season 2. Unlike the other clones, she was raised by the Neolution and always aware of who she is. Some of his atrocious acts make it very difficult for the public to act as his apologists. What makes the character interesting is the contrast between her and Helena. Both of them murdered other clones, because deep down they longed to start a family. Arguably, Rachel has the strongest serial killer vibe on the show. Although she still considers herself superior to the other clones, she ends up helping the clone club.

4 Sarah Manning


Sarah is the main protagonist who guides us through the plot of Black orphan. She and Helena are the only clones able to reproduce and since this is something unheard of, she is the most wanted by the Dyad Institute. Thanks to her rebellious nature, she often self-destructs and acts impulsively, which can lead to many stupid decisions. Aspiring to be her own person, she often puts her daughter Kira in danger. But despite all this, he is a caring person who always does everything in his power to save his family.

3 Helen


Compared to her sister Sarah, Helena is a former serial killer who has been brainwashed by a group of Ukrainian religious fanatics since the age of 12 and trained to kill the other clones. At first, she serves as the antagonist of the series, but once she meets her sisters, we can see how sweet and protective she is. As the show progresses, Helena becomes less impulsive and violent, but when betrayed she still acts aggressive. Who would have thought that watching Helena on screen fills audiences with an inexplicable sweetness despite her murderous tendencies?

2 Alison Hendrix


Holding the pretense that a football mother has worked for Alison throughout her life. But, as we’ll find out later, she’s one of the clones who already knows all the information after being contacted by Beth. Arguably it has one of the craziest storylines in the TV series with its constant suburban drama. She is a perfectionist, but becomes more relaxed and playful as the series progresses. Much like other clones, she tends to act erratically and impulsively. But unlike the other characters, her story somehow remains separate many times. The reason for her likability is her messy arc which makes her easier to relate to.

1 Cosima Niehaus


Identical to Alison, Cosima was contacted by Beth long before Sarah came on the scene. A student working towards her doctorate in experimental evolutionary developmental biology, she is curious and extremely intelligent. Along with Tony, she is one of the LGBTQ+ dating clones of Delphine Cormier who was assigned to spy on him. It was she and Delphine who pressed on sending all the necessary information to expose Neolution at the end. Interested in learning more about the clones, she makes great strides in her scientific research to find the cure. She is determined and confident in herself, but can also become distant when under stress. What’s beautiful about her character is the positive portrayal of lesbians – she’s not on the show to queer bait or sexualize the content.

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