Dreamworks has the perfect answer to Al Pacino’s ‘Shrek’ phone case


Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images/Image via Dreamworks

The internet erupted this week after learning that this legendary actor Al Pacino locks his iPhone 13 in a Shrek phone case. Yes this Shrek, the 2001 computer-animated comedy starring Mike Myers. And no, Pacino has nothing to do with the movie — he really, really, presumably likes it. Otherwise, why would we have a Shrek phone case?

Anyway, the revelation came from none other than actor Jason Momoa, who posted a photo shot on Instagram earlier this week to celebrate the recent opening of artist Julian Schnabel’s gallery. The final photo featured Pacino and his 28 year old girlfriend Noor Alfalah at a group dinner, where the affair was spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter user Marie Bardi.

The next day, the official DreamWorks Animation Twitter account couldn’t help but react to what was by far the funniest story of the week. “Real recognizes real,” the outfit tweeted, along with a photoshopped image of the big green ogre himself holding a phone case with a collage of various Pacinos on the back.

If this reboot rumor sees the light of day, we think we know the perfect actor to voice a potentially new character. This seems to be the start of a beautiful friendship. To paraphrase the song loved by fans around the world, someone once said on the internet that Al Pacino had a Shrek phone case, and it instantly became a point of obsession, but let’s hope the screen caption never ends up looking a little stupid with his finger and thumb when trying to use it.


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