Do you like games and beer? This is Kalamazoo’s only retro game bar


Recently on our website I noticed an article written by a colleague that said, “Michigan’s First Barcade has a lot of alcohol, food and classic arcade games.” You can read the full story below:

The title confused me because I know I’ve seen other arcade bars in Michigan, even here in southwest Michigan. Upon reading the above article more closely, I realized that this is a specific brand of arcade bars, Barcade (which is apparently a registered trademark). Read more here.

Despite my confusion, I want to make sure that anyone who fancies video games and beer at the same time knows that we have our own arcade bar in downtown Kalamazoo: LFG.

LFG, which stands for Alcohol, Food, Gaming, is Kalamazoo’s only retro gaming and arcade bar, according to their website. I have visited LFG several times and both times have been an absolute blast. Especially when my partner and I go together. This man can beat me at any video game, whether it’s Xbox or some old school arcade game, and yet I’m having fun. Insert a psychological analogy about my inner child finally coming out to play.

Everything about LFG is game-themed. Their menu features items like TMNT Pizza, Mario’s Mozz, Fatality Fries, and a whole section called “Game Over” otherwise known as Dessert. And, of course, their decorations are themed as well. Even in the bathroom:

You can see LFG’s full food menu and drink menu, which includes both alcoholic drinks and beer, here.

In addition to providing a fun atmosphere, LFG states its mission is to build community. That’s why they host events like karaoke night, game-specific tournaments (like Magic the Gathering), trivia and more. Stay informed of their events by following their Facebook page.

If you’re traveling to Detroit, you should definitely put the newly opened Barcade, mentioned at the beginning of this article, on your must-see list. However, if you are staying in town and want to support your local businesses while enjoying video games, drinks, and food, LFG is right next door.

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