DCHS will celebrate 60 years of football in 2022 with the addition of a new stadium video card


April 19, 2022
By: Dwayne Page

Tiger Pride will reach new heights this fall as DCHS unveils an all-new video billboard at Dr. John L. Vanhoosier Football Stadium in time for the 2022 season, which also happens to be the 60th year of Tiger football.

Tiger trainer Steve Trapp said the board measures 16 x 10 feet and will be integrated into the existing scoreboard. It will provide opportunities for video replays of game highlights and statistics, advertising sponsorships and fan interaction, all to enhance the game night experience.

“It started five years ago when we got a new scoreboard and soon after I started wondering what it would take to get a video board on the football pitch,” said said Coach Trapp.

“At that time, we had five-year endorsement deals for the dashboard, but after those deals ended, we started looking at what it would take to get a video card included with what we already have. I got some prizes and got together with a bunch of people and came up with an ad campaign to raise money to get this thing paid up front and then after four or five days we had enough funds to buy a video card, so this comes next season, it will be integrated into our scorecard,” coach Trapp continued.

“The video card is basically a large monitor and comes with its own computer and software and whatever we play on that computer can be displayed on screen and while our current dashboard will still be in use the video card will be contained in one that will provide more publicity opportunities with signs around it,” Coach Trapp said.

The video card will also be used to bring the crowd more into the game during certain situations. “We always play those bells on third down and now in addition to hearing those bells we’ll have something visual or animated or anything that says things like his third down get loud so the crowd responds “, did he declare.

“It will also be a way to recognize our sponsors more, including a lot of our in-game sponsors, like first downs, touchdowns and things like that. Not only do we want to hear these things, but we also want to see something incorporated visually,” Trapp said.

“When the kids make a big play or score, we want to have a video of them smiling or celebrating to add more excitement to the families of players and fans. We want it to be interactive. We don’t want the only use it to display ads. We’re going to use it for that, but we want it for other things as well,” Coach Trapp said.

Installation of the video card is scheduled to begin on May 2 in hopes that it will be ready to use in the first pre-season scrimmage on May 6 and possibly even show some shots. live during the high school graduation on May 13.

Coach Trapp said that once operational, the video board will also be used to promote other local sports programs like Junior Pro Football. “The Jr Pro program will be allowed to use the video card during their games on Saturday and if they can get us some video clips of their games we would like to make a highlight reel of it and play it on Friday just to promote them,” he said


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