Czech runner dies after fall in UTMB TDS race


Early Wednesday morning, a runner from the Czech Republic, who has not been publicly identified, died of a fall during the TDS, one of a series of races in the French and Italian Alps leading to the Ultra-Trail du Mont this weekend. White (UTMB). This is the first death in the history of the festival.

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TDS, which stands for In the Footsteps of the Dukes of Savoy, started Tuesday afternoon. The 145-kilometer race begins in Courmayeur, in northern Italy, and ends in Chamonix (center of the UTMB festival), and includes 9,100 meters of elevation gain. In a statement, the UTMB organization indicated that the accident occurred during the steep, technical and rocky descent of the Passeur de Pralognan, involving the use of fixed ropes, 62.3 kilometers after the start of the race. . A report from iRunFar mentions reports that there had been rain on the course.

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A helicopter rescue was initiated, but the runner could not be rescued. The accident and the rescue caused a backlog of runners on the descent; the race was stopped for runners who had not yet reached the scene of the accident, and those who could were invited to return to the previous checkpoint, in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, where they were transported out of the course. Out of 1,573 starters, 293 riders had already passed the accident site and were allowed to continue the race.

Erik-Sébastien Krogvig from Norway won the men’s division in 18:49:58, and Manon Bohard de France won the women’s race, clocking 23:11:14.

According to the live tracker of the race, Marc Roumagnac and John Harrison Pockler of Canada are still ongoing. David Orr and Benjamin Violet were among those whose races were interrupted as a result of the accident.

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