CT Christmas Tree Prices Expected To Be Much Higher This Year


You wouldn’t expect a state like Connecticut to run out of Christmas trees, but this year economists say that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The reason for the shortage, and inevitably for the increase in the price of the tree tag, is the supply chain issues facing the country.

Even the state’s largest supplier of artificial trees, which imports from China and Europe, will only be able to supply about 43% of the trees it would normally have.

The good news for Connecticut consumers is that there are a number of Christmas tree farms statewide, and these growers are expecting another strong sales season. However, they are warning tree buyers to get their trees as early as possible.

According to wfsb.com, arborists did not anticipate supply chain issues, so they were not able to receive the amount of trees they needed to plant in the off season, so customers will actually pay more for each tree this season. Growers also say that since they cannot get wholesale deliveries of trees, once their supply runs out, there will be no more real or artificial trees available.

Connecticut arborists are also blaming the pandemic for tree shortages. Growers have not been able to get their usual supply of trees to plant during closures, and with trees only growing about a foot a year, and more people are now in the market for a tree since the pandemic has slowed down a bit, tree farms are insufficient on supply.

If you are looking for a tree farm in your area, just visit Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association website for locations and more information.

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