Crossing Swords star Tara Strong wants to make the world a little more magical [Interview]


What do you think makes “Crossing Swords” different from all the other shows around? Because it is certainly unique.

It is unique. Most of the shows are now CG, computer generated animation and Stoopid Buddy Productions has crafted this show masterfully as well as it did with “Robot Chicken”. It’s like stop motion is a challenge. It’s hard. It takes a lot of patience. And I think it translates when you see it animated. There are certainly parts that [traditionally] animated, like facial expressions. I remember when I visited the studio and they showed me the whole cabinet filled with coral mouth shapes like the sticker, this sticker. [They’ll] be like, “oh I’m doing your mouth.” I’m like “oh, that’s cool.” The format is therefore completely different and unique.

I don’t think there are – and correct me if I’m wrong – any other stop motion shows at this time. And certainly not the ones that are primarily intended for adult comedy. And you also have this juxtaposition of this kid’s toy doing some really dirty things. I don’t think that when you try to compare this show to another, you can. I think he stands out on his own. And I think that’s why people are drawn to it, other than the fact that it’s funny and we live in a time on this planet where comedy is more than welcome. It turns out to be a very unique experience.


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