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The Emmy nominated comedy, Corner gas, has had more than its fair share of laughs. Whether audiences are laughing at Lacey looking for her lost ‘F’ n ‘E, Oscar suffering the symptoms of eating a thirty-year-old Dingle Puff, or Hank trying to master the art of being a brigadier, fans From this Canadian sitcoms fell in love with the characters from Dog River and their unusual antics.

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If a regular viewer were asked to create a list of their ten best episodes, they would probably have a hard time narrowing it down to just ten. Fortunately, IMDb managed to rank the top ten based on user scores, and these are the episodes that stand out for their hilarious jokes and the small town appeal of its characters.

ten “Prison House” (S4, E6) – 8

A man behind bars shouting at Corner Gas

When Davis agrees to stay in prison as part of a fundraising campaign, he has no idea the scale of his sacrifice. What could be worse than having to languish in a jail cell with only Hank Yarbo there? As Davis tries to lose Hank, Emma and Oscar quickly regret hiring Wanda to do what should have been a simple bathroom repair.

Watching Hank unknowingly transform Davis’ mini prison break while sipping tea, reading a book into a journey to the deepest depths of Hell is enough to place this episode in the top ten. But choosing to have Mike Holmes play the role of Wanda’s loving admirer is awesome. And he’s just one of many cast from some of Canada’s most hilarious comedy shows to make an appearance in this treasure trove of canuck culture.

9 “Physical Credit” (S3, E16) – 8.1

Two men on a golf course in Corner Gas

Davis hires Oscar to help him train for his fitness test and a trip in memory of the Great White North ensues in the 1970s Canadian Guide to Fitness and the ParticipACTION theme song. Oscar’s relentless harassment doesn’t inspire much in Davis. Instead, he saves his beloved Sturdy boys books of destruction that bring out the Davis shaped side.

This episode is full of humorous moments, including Wanda finding out that she was denied a credit card for not returning a video to Corner Gas, her employer, and Davis performing a tiny 3-foot jump during his athletic training. Plus, viewers can chant the words “Don’t Just Think About It. Do It, Do It, Do It …”


8 “Block Party” (S3, E15) – 8.1

Two men looking at a toy town at Corner Gas

This hilarious episode joins the people of Dog River as they celebrate their town’s centenary. Like some of the best LEGO Masters teams, Hank surprisingly builds an exact replica of the whole town using all the LEGOs in town. And in real life Corner gas style, just as Hank is about to reveal his masterpiece, Karen decides to display her breathless prowess, rendering Hank’s efforts moot.

One of the funniest aspects of this episode is the backstory regarding Dog River’s Main Street. The inhabitants decided to rename the street “Centennial Street” because each municipality has a main street. However, it is soon revealed that the founder of the city was in fact a Mr. Main.

7 “Rock On!” (S2, E15) – 8.3

A band performing on a stage in Corner Gas

Rock is played on the allure of cheesy 1980s rock when the actors decide to form a band, Thunderforce. Fortunately, the star of this episode isn’t the music of the amateur band. Rather, these are the terms used for it. described as like a “weasel in a fan belt” or a “waffle caught in a chainsaw” and the dismayed reaction of unhappy listeners to Thunderface’s latest installment. The fake bands making horrible music always score with viewers, with the equally bad Mouserat appearing in some of Parks and recreationfavorite storylines, which is probably why this episode is rated so well.

6 “An American in Saskatchewan” (S2, E12) – 8.4

Two men talk to someone at Corner Gas

When an American tourist accidentally ends up in Dog River, Fitzy is overjoyed that his plan to attract visitors is working. Naturally, he names Hank the city’s goodwill ambassador and tells him to show American Bill around. Hank, unfortunately, draws on his vast knowledge of American stereotypes and continues to insult the poor in every way he can.

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With everyone hanging out in front of the new “slot machine” that has been set up in Wes’ liquor and insurance store, there’s no one to control Hank. As a bonus, Oscar finds himself in the center of attention at the ATM and is soon thrilled to experience a new sensation: being listened to. Between Hank’s absurd beards and Oscar’s new audience, this clever episode stands out among the rest.

5 “Security camera” (S2, E8) – 8.5

A young man and a policewoman chat in a restaurant in Corner Gas

Brent sets up a security camera to lower his insurance premiums and hilarity ensues as he captures Karen and Wanda insulting him on video. The threat of surveillance causes an uproar among the community. Davis, on the other hand, feels left out and aspires to star in one of Brent’s “movies”. Meanwhile, Davis buys a stun gun and Hank follows him around, begging to be stunned.

It’s the character of Davis that really makes this episode. His suggestion to buy bulletproof vests instead of bulletproof vests to save money, his “auditions” for the security camera and the moment he accidentally dies is unforgettable.

4 “Face off” (S1, E12) – 8.5

Two men in hockey uniforms chatting at Corner Gas

As a goaltender for the less-than-stellar Dog River Riverdogs hockey team, Brent faces 110 shots on goal. When his rival, Rocket Ronnie, tries to lure him into his team, Brent refuses and becomes more determined to defeat the opposition. There is a major problem: they do not have a coach. Turns out Lacey knows a lot about the game – but it’s female, which threatens Brent’s fragile ego.

This episode is filled with weird, comedic lines such as Oscar and his “Clapping Gloves?” In addition, Oscar is concerned that someone might steal a raclette and the great debate over the meaning of the word “Bruin” rages on. Like other notable Canadian shows such as Schitt Creek, Corner gas combines outrageous storylines with realistic characters that produce a memorable episode for fans.

3 “I love Lacey” (S1, E13) – 8.4

A man and a woman chat at Corner Gas

In this hugely entertaining episode, the characters find themselves split into pairs as they make their way to the Gray Cup game. Of course, nothing goes as planned as Emma is falsely accused of stealing from a dollar store, Davis is wrongly arrested for soliciting a prostitute, and Oscar attempts to claim a belt from a dead man.

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“I Love Lacey” is special in that it hints at the possibility that Brent and Lacey will become more than just friends. It also puts each character in a bizarre situation that prevents everyone from attending the Gray Cup. And nothing beats Hank’s reply when they look out of Russell’s window: “Does your friend, Russell, like to lie on the kitchen floor with a phone in his hand?”

2 “Hook, line and sinker” (S1, E11) – 8.6

A man and a woman fishing on the beach at Corner Gas

In Dog River’s day-to-day life, Hank isn’t exactly a suave, sexy talker. While on a fishing trip, Karen finds herself overwhelmed by the urge to kiss her – a gesture she will later regret. Back at Corner Gas, Lacey and Brent find themselves in a battle of words, hurling insults at each other at a billboard.

This episode is remarkable because it has more guests than usual. When Brent dreams of playing in Canadian Idol, the audience meets judges Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Farley Flex and Zach Werner. And Pamela Wallin finds herself unable to obtain service in an abandoned Corner Gas.

1 “Graduated ’68” (S1, E5) –

A water tower against a cloudy sky in Corner Gas

The Dog River Water Tower has sported the words “Grad ’68” for years, but no one knows who put it there. When Karen decides to solve the mystery, everyone is brought under her control and chaos ensues. Meanwhile, Lacy leaves everyone in awe of the new gas station bathroom signs bearing the old male and female symbols. Afterward, the men find out just how nicer the facilities for women are, and Brent is forced to act. Kind of.

This episode cleverly presents several quirks and character flaws, such as Karen’s desire to solve a cold case that no one cares about, Hank’s below-average IQ, and Lacey’s never-ending quest to inject a little urban rocket into its small town environment. . And as an added bonus, viewers can glimpse the photo from Hank’s high school yearbook.

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