Cheryl Hickey denounces the “ridiculous comments” she received


Cheryl Hickey called out the “things people said to her” on TikTok. (Photo via Instagram/cherylhickey)

Cheryl Hickey doesn’t let other people’s opinions ruin her day.

Over the weekend, the “ET Canada” host took to TikTok to post a candid video that showed examples of “things people said” to Hickey when they met her in person.

In the clip, the 46-year-old wore a pair of black sunglasses and a comfy black sweater. She styled her hair in a slicked back bun and sipped a Starbucks drink before taking a deep breath and resting her head on her hand.

On the screen, Hickey typed “things people said to me when I met them in person” to show the harsh and rude comments she regularly receives.

“You look much skinnier than on TV. You look good for your age. You can’t really have it all so your family must be really struggling with your career! You’re a mother, you think should you wear that? Who did you know to get your job? When do you think you’re retiring, you’re over 30, aren’t you?” were the phrases she shared.

“What people said to me when I come off the stage of a tv show,” Hickey captioned the 15-second clip, along with the hashtags “#realtalk,” “tv host,” “#thoughts.” and “canadiantvhost”.

In the comments, fans were quick to support Hickey and express their anger at the “ridiculous” comments.

“Don’t listen to them! So awful! You are a powerhouse and you rock!” a fan told Hickey.

“These are absolutely ridiculous comments you are getting and I can’t believe the audacity of some people,” one follower commented. “Keep your head up girl and keep shining!

“You are a wonderful, hardworking person who deserves all you have accomplished. I know how sweet and loving you are, so these comments are completely untrue,” someone else wrote.

“You’re successful and happy, and that comes with jealous people who have nothing better to do than hate people. You’re a joy so keep being wonderful!” said another.

Cheryl Hickey opened up on TikTok about self-love and body confidence.  (Photo via Instagram/cherylhickey)

Cheryl Hickey opened up to Yahoo Canada about anxiety, gratitude and self-love. (Photo via Instagram/cherylhickey)

In July, the Owen Sound, Ontario native opened up to Yahoo Canada about her job, her anxiety, and the ever-changing standards of beauty in a world filled with social expectations and pressures.

“Of course there’s pressure to look a certain way, to dress a certain way, that kind of stuff. But I let it go,” Hickey said in the candid interview. “As women, we have to understand that our self-esteem is not enhanced by our appearance, and also, our bodies fluctuate and that’s normal! It can be difficult, but I’ve definitely seen over the past five There has been a gradual shift in the way society and the online world view beauty and inclusiveness in recent years, so there is hope.”

“You have to be kind to yourself. You have to give yourself grace and create healthy habits,” she added when discussing how to overcome anxiety.

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