Canadian sets juggling world record by jogging 10 km


We have seen incredible world records being achieved in the past. But recently, a rare attempt to break a record by performing two activities together has come to light. Giving a whirlwind to the same, a Canadian runner has unofficially broken a Guinness World Record after jogging 10 kilometers. Wondering what exactly jogging is? Well, that means jogging while juggling. And now, Michael Bergeron is looking to plant his feet firmly in the record books for having run “ten kilometers in 34 minutes and 47 seconds while juggling”. The attempt to break the record for the fastest ten kilometers while jogging with three objects was staged by the resident of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Breaking the current Guinness World Record of 36 minutes and 26 seconds, Michael beat Michal Kapral and finished with the best time of 34 minutes, 47 seconds. According to the official Guinness World Records website, Kapral, who resides in Toronto, Canada, set a world record on September 10, 2006, after running 10 km while juggling. The record was set after Kapral juggled 3 beanbags without dropping them in 36 minutes and 27 seconds at the Longboat Toronto Island Run.

In 2018, Michael attempted the same record and even finished in less than 36 minutes, but unfortunately the challenge was disqualified for a technicality.

In a candid chat with SaltWire, the joggler opened up about his recent achievement and revealed that although he was in pain after jogging for 10km, he was “super happy” with his achievement.

SaltWire quoted him as saying, “I broke the record by 1:40 so that feels good. Now I just hope Guinness will recognize it because it’s on a certified track. I feel exhausted, my feet hurt, but super happy. In a bid to make this an official confirmation, evidence of the attempt is now submitted to Guinness World Records. The Canadian publishing house quoted Michael’s wife, Jennie Orr, as saying: “I was with him the last time he tried this – the course wasn’t certified, so he was a little upset at this topic, so he’s really excited to follow it today. She added that she was 100 per cent convinced that her husband had it this time around.

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