Canadian automaker is creating an electric car to mine cryptocurrency when not in use


Last October, Daymak, a Canadian car manufacturer, announced the creation of a three-wheeled car powered by electricity. The company states that it can mine cryptocurrencies during its downtime, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin.

A Canadian Automaker Has a New Electric Car That Mines Cryptocurrency When Idle

Mike Chow, Vice President of Research and Development at Daymak Inc., posted the first test drive of the Spiritus 3-wheel all-electric car on his official LinkedIn page by Daymak. Mike Chow also shared this video on his YouTube channel, where you can see his previous work as an actor, stunt coordinator and production manager. His cinematic work is apparent in films such as Two days later, Pacific Rim, and Bulletproof Monk.

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The vehicle, one of many electric vehicles that are part of the Avvenire series, is decked out in red and emblazoned with the Canadian leaf logo, passes easily through lanes and streets, proving that the vehicle is not just a concept vehicle.

With our new all-electric Avvenire series, we are not selling electric vehicles; we give people access to a greener future than they ever thought possible. So come see for yourself and be part of it. Go fast, go green.

Daymak Avvenire’s Spiritus all-electric three-wheeler is a two-seater electric car with optional self-driving features. It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioning, a 12-speaker stereo system and solar panels to allow for additional trickle charging. The Spiritus will also offer ultra-fast charging (less than two hours for a full charge), a GPS alarm system, a rear camera to reverse the vehicle with ease, as well as additional features. Daymak boasts that the new Spiritus “will add ultimate comfort to your daily commute”. On a single charge, the Spiritus series will be able to travel, at most, an average of 300 miles, or 480 km.

The Spiritus Series comes in two styles – The Spiritus Deluxe and Spiritus Ultimate – with spectacular prices for each. The Spiritus Deluxe retails for $22,995, while the Spiritus Ultimate retails for $149,000. The unique detail of both vehicles is the fact that it advertises cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining capability, which no other competitor offers this form of technology. A competitor is Tesla, owned by Elon Musk. The company’s site compares the Ultimate model to different cars, superior to all three. Tesla’s Model 3, priced at $38,000, is one of the models mentioned, and it’s also where Daymak’s Spiritus comes into close competition.

The Daymak Spiritus will be the first electric car in history to mine cryptocurrency while parked, including Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Cardano, and more. This will be done through Daymak Nebula, our comprehensive cryptocurrency suite. With a simple tap on your Spiritus dashboard, you can access the Nebula Miner interface, as well as the Nebula Wallet, where you can collect your miner profits and pay/receive/participate in many cryptocurrencies. Nebula Wallet will also be available on all smartphones.

Will this new vehicle inspire Musk to look into appropriate crypto mining capabilities for his automotive tech? Or will it continue to focus primarily on technology and still offer users to pay for Tesla merchandise using a digital cryptocurrency, such as dogecoin? Earlier in 2021, Musk allowed users to purchase the company’s vehicles with cryptocurrency, but has since halted payments, reverting to receiving physical currency to purchase Tesla’s line of cars. It is unknown if and when we will see Daymak cars on the road in the future.

Sources: Daymak Inc., Mike Chow (LinkedIn, YouTube)


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